Retro Gardening – Sowing Seeds

I would consider myself quite a keen gardener most of the time, though I must say that I do tend to lose motivation after a while and sometimes neglect the things I have planted, and am then disappointed at my lack of success.  I am endeavouring to change this particular attribute in myself – hopefully recognition of the problem is half the battle.  Unfortunately being now in the eighth month of my second pregnancy, carrying a heavy watering can around the garden is not really an option – entre my loving and malleable husband who has been loyally watering in the areas I indicate from my position under the pergola with my feet up.

So since writing my last thoughts of retro gardening I have managed a few of my plans in the vegetable garden and some general tidying in the remaining areas.  Firstly, the empty garden beds have now been planted out with some of the vegetables that I consider a little old fashioned, well two of them anyway, the other was a lucky find.  Namely, we now have silverbeet growing in the end of one bed, broadbeans where the tomatoes were and broccoli in the front of another bed.

Silverbeet seedlings

Broadbean shoots

Broccoli seedlings

In my attempt to garden more economically I decided that whatever I plant over the next few months will be either from seeds or cuttings.  Hence all of the above have been planted from seeds, something that I have had limited success with in the past – so, pleas,e any advice to gets little ones growing strongly is very welcome.  I can’t tell you how impressed I was when I saw the shoots popping up through the ground, especially as the broccoli packet specifically said to plant in seed trays first and then plant out in the garden when more mature – advice I ignored due to a lack of seedling tray (now on my birthday wish list).  In fact the broccoli was a surprise from the start as I found the packet of seeds while cleaning out the garage – who knows how old they were.  The garage turned into a bit of a treasure trove as I found my long missing gardening gloves and a second packet of seeds, spring onions, which will go in as soon as I get a chance.  I will continue to add updates on the progress of these little beauties and eventually share some of my cooking adventures with the harvest – fingers crossed.

In the rest of the garden I have tried to revive my poor, spider-infested geranium.  To this end I have cut it back dramatically and added some slow release fertiliser and will continue to direct my dear husband to water it devotedly.  The sad looking lemon tree has undergone similar treatment and I’m hoping that this time my attempts will be successful.  I have been considering the urine treatment for lemon trees – this will also have to be the job of my other half – but I’m not sure if this is an old wives tale or not, any ideas?  I would so love a fruiting lemon tree in the back yard, though I’m sure it will never rival the one from my grandparents place, which fruits year round and in abundance.  Just one or two lemons would make my year, surely that’s not too much to ask.

On the cuttings front unfortunately there has been no progress there, however I have recently spotted a Fuchsia growing in the front of a quite neglected garden which I might be able to sneak a cutting from.   Hopefully next time I write about gardening I will have some evidence of success – or at least an attempt – in this department.

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