Retro Gardening Update

After a hectic couple of weeks juggling the demands of a newborn baby and toddler I thought it was time to return to regular programming on here and give you all an update on the progress of my garden.  I guess I can safely say I have had more success than failure lately.

Firstly in the vegetable garden, I have been watching intently as my broadbeans sprang up and then commenced to grow at a great rate.  They are now nearly a meter tall and looking wonderful.  My only concern is that I may have planted too many in quite a small area thinking that, given my previous history of growing from seed, not all of them would germinate or survive past the seedling stage.  We shall have to see how they cope as they get bigger and start producing the beans themselves.  In anticipation of a bumper crop I have also started collecting recipes for using broadbeans – I will keep you updated on the success of these in good time.  

The siverbeet is also doing well, though growth there has been a little slower.  The leaves are just now starting to resemble the mature leaf and I’m also hopeful of a good crop of this vegetable (not my husbands favourite so I’ll really have to work hard a finding some interesting ways of using it) 

Unfortunately I have not had the same success with my broccoli.  This was a bit of an experiment to begin with as it was supposed to be planted into seedling trays before being put into the garden.  It did actually come up well, but since then has been relentlessly attacked by slugs and snails.  I’m calling it my sacrificial broccoli, the snails and slugs can have it if they leave the other plants alone. k

In the rest of the garden I have been implementing a strategy of frugal plantings as I noticed (or rather my Mum pointed out) several small plants springing up randomly under my hanging baskets.  These included loads of little spider plants as well as some violas and nasturtiums, all of which have obviously come up from seeds dropping from the baskets over the last year or so.  The area under the hanging baskets is covered in river stones and receives little sunlight being sheltered by the pergola, so these plants are clearly made of strong stuff.  I waited patiently for them to get a little bigger than dug them up and repotted them into the baskets and pots where other plants had died.  As I’m not the best at ensuring these plants get watered regularly it has been a blessing that Melbourne has received some good drenching rains lately and the pots have not been left to dry out too much.

Finally, inspired my L from 500m2, I have spent some time and energy lately trying to save my lemon tree and I think it now looks better then ever.  There is still something have a bit of a go at the leaves (I think I’ll spray it again with the eco oil) but it’s new growth has been good and I think I even have a couple of flower buds now appearing.  I am more hopeful than previously that I might eventually have some success with the tree.  I have plans to give it a bit of citrus fertilizer in the next week – though I think this is generally recommended for Spring I want to encourage this new growth and flowers.  l

So that’s it for the gardening updates for now.  I still have a few empty spots in the vegetable garden, any suggestions on what I should put in at this time of year?  I have yet to put my plans to sneak some cuttings from local gardens into action and perhaps I should now wait until it warms up again.

On the cooking front, after the triumph of my bread making adventures some weeks ago, I have taken to baking a loaf every week, with the last one being particularly spectacular.  A friend of mine gave the best compliment, saying it looked just like one you would buy in a bakery.  I am thoroughly enjoying this new found talent and have plans to expand my repertoire soon.

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One Response to Retro Gardening Update

  1. L says:

    Sacrificial broccoli- I love it! The broad beans look really good – and you really can’t have too many broad beans – you should teach your 2 year old to shell them. Keeps them occupied for aaagggees.

    How about planting some turnips? The grow really fast (less than 2 months) or even baby carrots. Pak Choy?

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