A Wig Wam for a Goose’s Bridle

Anyone else remember their parents or grandparents busting out that line when you asked what they were making.  It was one of my mother’s favourites and I still have absolutely no idea what it means or where it comes from.  According to Wikipedia it’s a uniquely Australian way of deflecting the constant questioning of an inquisitive child, in other words “mind your own business” or “stop bothering me”, I have a feeling this might find it’s way into my own parenting tool box once Miss 2 year old moves from a simple (though never-ending) commentary of everything she sees and hears to actually questioning the things around her – it’s only a matter of time.  I swear I’m not going to teach the new addition to the family to talk.

You may be wondering where I’m going with this – and I don’t blame you.  As you can imagine with a three week old baby in the house I have spent many hours up in the middle of the night feeding and settling.  In these times I have watched some terrible late night TV, those home shopping shows have a hypnotic appeal to sleep deprived, lactating women I’m sure, caught up on some much better quality TV that I tape earlier in the night when I find a chance to catch forty winks (usually more like four winks) and reading blogs.  It seems I have quite quickly become addicted to blogs, generally cooking, gardening and some parenting blogs.  I have been picking up some great tips and recipes as well as reading some really interesting stories from ordinary people.  By the way if anyone has a blog they particularly like, or write one themselves that isn’t on my blogroll (which is still quite short, I’m working on that) please let me know, I’d love to check them out.

One I have been particularly enjoying over the last week or so is Hazel Dene, written by a retired teacher who opted for a tree change and a sustainable lifestyle.  Sharing this new life of hers is an increasing array of chickens, two goats, a dog or two and a cat.  Plus she has an impressively large vegetable garden and a small potager, all of this on a pretty standard house block (1/3 of an acre) in country Victoria.  If you can’t tell, when I grow up I want to be Hazel!  It was while reading one of Hazel’s posts that I was reminded about the wig wam for a goose’s bridle thing and I thought it was suitably retro for my blog and brought back all kinds of childhood memories – strangely enough I never got the “mind your own business” vibe from my parents when they used it, I just thought they were being funny.  From Hazel’s blog I’ve picked up some great recipes (marmalade and lemon butter – stay tuned for blogs on these in coming weeks depending on the whole sleep deprivation factor) and some nifty gardening tips.  Her trick for keeping the cabbage moths/caterpillars of the brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc) by covering them with mosquito netting will be put to good use in future.

Another blog I enjoy following is 500m2 in Sydney who I’ve mentioned on a previous post and who has made comments on my blog.  L, who writes this blog, lives in suburban Sydney and has set about transforming her garden into a productive one, planting out edible crops as much as possible.  I have been especially interested in following the conversion of her front garden from traditional flower bed to vegetable garden. She is the inspiration behind project lemon tree rescue – going well so far – and gives me lots of other ideas and suggestions.  Soon to be planted in the vegie plot will be turnips and maybe some carrots on her recommendation.  I love her experimental nature when it comes to gardening and the fact that her success rate isn’t 100% makes me feel a lot better about my own sometimes waning abilities in the garden.

A friend of my sister recommended a parenting blog called Blue Milk which I have loved following ever since.  She is a feminist mother and blogs about all things related and some things not related.  Her writing style is quirky and interesting and her ideas about parenting appeal to my own philosophies.  I love the mix of intellectual commentary of parenting, feminism and feminist motherhood together with some great photography and amusing anecdotes from her own life and children.

Finally, I shared a link to this blog with an online parenting forum that I participate in when I wrote the post about the birth of my two daughters and had several of the other members check out the rest of my blog.  One then shared a fantastic gardening idea – planting seedlings into egg cartons and then transplanting the whole thing, carton and all, into the garden once big enough.  The cartons are biodegradable and in time the roots will grow through the carton and it will break down in the soil.  I thought this sounded like a truly inspired suggestion and will be trialling this in good time – rest assured there will also be a post about this.

I think that brings me to the end of my rambling.  I just wanted to acknowledge my new-found online sources of inspiration, creativity and intellectual spark and thought some of you might be interested in checking them out also.  I know there are other equally fantastic blogs out there and I look forward to finding them, I just hope I don’t have too many late nights/early mornings of reading them and can find a more reasonable hour to indulge in my latest past time.  Having said that, my track record of getting babies into conventional night time sleeping patterns has not been great so far.  Let’s hope attempt number two is more successful than attempt number one was.

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4 Responses to A Wig Wam for a Goose’s Bridle

  1. L says:

    Oh, you’re so kind. Now I feel better for being a failure sometimes 🙂

    • Not failure, just experimental – I LOVE that. Besides your successful harvests are so impressive they outweigh all else. I’m thinking especially of your wombok here, I was so jealous of that one.

      • L says:

        I’ll have to think of something really experimental now. Actually I have something in mind – you might have to wait till spring/summer for that one though. I’ll dedicate it to you 🙂

  2. Ooooh, now I’m really curious. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

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