A Weekend of Child’s Play

For those of you in other states or perhaps even outside the country, here in Victoria we’ve had a lovely long weekend, what joy.  The weather has been beautiful on all three days, making it much more appealing to get out and about.  It turned into a real toddler-focused weekend for us as pretty much everything we did was aimed at that age group, but we had a great time watching Miss Two having an absolute ball.

It started as usual with swimming lessons and then a trip to the local toy library.  Miss Two finally worked out the whole blowing bubbles thing at swimming and was oh so proud of herself.  To add icing on the cake, the little kitchen that she’d been eyeing off for weeks at the toy library was finally available.  This was possibly the most exciting event to have occurred in her short life to date – I’m dreading the day we have to take it back.  Since bringing it home we’ve had to bride her to do anything but cooking, including getting out of the house for two other fantastic toddler focused activities.  I’m hoping that she will be happy to cook in her kitchen while I’m cooking in mine, that would make my life so much easier in the evenings.

On Sunday we had planned a BBQ with several other families at what turned out to be the most incredible play ground at Wombat Bend.  Check it out

The much loved see-saw

Flying Fox

Slide races

(Just a note, these photos are not mine, I found them online, as we were having so much fun that I forgot to get the camera out of my bag).  Miss Two was totally in love with the see saw in the first picture and would have spent all day on it if she didn’t have to share with the many other children there.  It was pretty fantastic though, you could fit three kids on each side and it didn’t really matter if the weight wasn’t evenly spread.  The flying fox was also a hit, as were the slides, perfect for having slide races with the other kids that were there.  I did make one mistake however and that was not giving her lunch before we went into the park area.  Rooky mistake I think, must remember that for next time.  We had planned a BBQ and cooked it at the park, however once Miss two discovered all the amazing equipment there was no way I could get her to stop and have some lunch.  My husband ended up chasing after her with a container of pineapple, trying to encourage some food to pass her lips. I was also worried about her skipping the afternoon sleep, but that proved not to be an issue.  She was fantastic all day, then fell asleep within five minutes of being in the car, ate dinner as soon as we got home and then was asleep in bed by 6.30pm, leaving my husband and I to eat at a more adult time and have a quiet evening watching the football on TV.  I must say it felt pretty wonderful to eat after 7pm and on the couch, how indulgent!

Today we all decided to check out a kids film festival at Federation Square.  It was designed to suit different age groups, including one for 2-5 year old children.  Sitting in a packed cinema full of toddlers was quite an experience, this was Miss Two’s first time at the movies and what a hit it was.  We saw 15 short films in about half an hour, the last two had all the kids up dancing in their seats, so cute.  I wonder when is it that our inhibition kick in and we start to feel self-conscience about dancing at the movies?  After each little film Miss Two clapped and then turned to me or her Dad and said “More?”, looks like we might have a movie buff on our hands.  I would highly recommend this festival to others next year – see the website here.

Again adding a cherry on top, we took our first family tram ride a few blocks down from Fed Square to have noodles for lunch – Miss Two’s all time favourite food (after a ham and cheese sandwich).

And what did the new baby do during all these fabulous activities – well she slept and fed and that’t about it.  I forgot how portable newborn babies are, she was happy either in the pram or being carried in the sling, woke when she was hungry had a few cuddles and then back to sleep.  Perfect

It’s after days like these that I really appreciate living in the city.  Despite my longing to live in the country, there are some things that you just can’t do in a small town.  So while I might my dream of country life, it’s just that – a dream, at this stage – I will endeavour to take advantage of city living and find opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of activities for myself and my kids.  So any recommendations always welcome.

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One Response to A Weekend of Child’s Play

  1. L says:

    So jealous of your lovely weather – Sydney has been cold and sloshy. That playground looks amazing!

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