Pigeon Poo Lemons

I have recently been inundated with lemons, not a bad foodstuff to have a glut of I must say.  Sadly this glut is not from my own pathetic tree – which seems to have taken a turn for the worse, but more on that later – rather they have been from my mother-in-law.  She in turn had been given the lemons by a family friend who has an extensive vegetable garden.  My husband started referring to them as the pigeon poo lemons because my mother-in-law exchanges bags of pigeon poo from the loft in her back yard (my father-in-law who passed away earlier this year was a pigeon racer and breeder and had several hundred pigeons) for vegetables and fruit from his friends garden.  Lately the produce has been lemons, lots of lemons, most of which seem to be coming my way as the keen cook in the family.

As part of my regular Saturday morning cook up I added a Lemon Curd Slice, recipe courtesy of Donna Hay, which used quite a number of the lemons from the stockpile.  While it did take a little while to prepare and cook, the recipe was simple, didn’t use any odd ingredients and the end result was delicious – a perfect combination.  I love lemon, especially lemon slices and this one was particularly lemony, as well as being creamy and luscious.

I had originally intended this slice to last the week to serve as that something sweet to have with a cup of tea.  Then I realised I needed to take something to share with friends at the BBQ we went to on Sunday, needless to say that was the end of the slice.  While I’m a little disappointed that I only had a couple of pieces, there is nothing better than sharing cooking successes with appreciative friends.  Especially as when I gave my husband a taste after I made it on Saturday he informed me that he was a bit disappointed by it and thought it was going to be better – it’s a good thing he has other worthy attributes, otherwise he would have found himself making his own slices from then on!  I should add that he did retract this statement after having some the next day, and it had improved by being left overnight in the fridge, so I guess he can be forgiven this once.

Now I decided at the beginning of starting this blog that I would try to photograph my food and gardening exploits along the way.  I actually forgot to do this when I originally cut up this slice, so the photos are of a few straggly end bits that were smaller and a bit dodgy looking compared to the rest, so this is the best I could do (these pieces were then quickly polished off by Miss Two and myself and tasted just a good even if they were the left-overs).

With the remaining lemons I intend to make some lemon butter (it’s always been butter in my books, not curd) and will let you all know how I go with that in due course.  My sister is the current lemon butter (though even she has started calling it curd) maker in the family, so I might be treading on some toes in that department.  Don’t worry Sis, it’s only while the glut remains, then I’ll steer clear of your territory.

As to my own sad little lemon tree, my tender loving care of late seems to have been for nothing.  It now has leaf drop and is loosing leaves by the day – why, oh why lemon tree.  If any one has any ideas on what I’m doing wrong and how I could fix this problem I’m all ears.

Also stay tuned for a revamp of the blog – I’m hoping to get a chance to add a specific recipes pages and will post all the recipes I’ve referred to so far.

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3 Responses to Pigeon Poo Lemons

  1. Alison says:

    Lemon cordial, or lemonade, is a great one too. A third ofa cup of lemon juice plus a 1/4 cup sugar (dissolved in hot water); top up to about 1.5L on the jug I think. (The recipes written on the side of a large reused cottee’s bottle at the mo – not handy to me right now! )

  2. Great idea Alison, Miss Two would love this, she has such a sweet tooth, but I don’t like giving her cordial. I’ll give it a go tomorrow and let you know how I go with it. I might get some soda water so she can have bubbles as well.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi, lucky you all those lemons! frost to heavy for lemons in my garden so a bag of lemons from a friend is always a treat. Only on Saturday did I make my first batch of lemon butter, yum ! but I was suprised as just how much butter and sugar is added so it is only a treat! good luck with yours . cheers

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