Winter Wednesday – Sunshine

Only someone with multiple children in cloth nappies can truly appreciate how precious a sunny winter’s day really is – Oh my God, the sun’s out, quick get the nappies in the washing machine.  This is the inner dialogue occurring in my mind on days like these.  Even more so if there’s a bit of a breeze – the perfect washing wether.

My decision to go down the cloth nappy route was partially based on economics but mostly environmental.  I am happy in this decision, it makes me feel like I’m doing just a little bit to reduce our waste and avoid that throw away mentality that is so easy to fall into.  However, I perhaps should have planned my babies to arrive in summer rather than the end of Autumn if I was going to do this without a clothes dryer as well.  Nonetheless, I have managed so far and will continue to make the most of every minute of this beautiful winter sun. Not only can I get my washing dried in a day without filling the house with clothes horses, but gentle warmth and light helps to alleviate the dullness that winter so often offers up.  And there is nothing better than the smell of sun-dried baby rompers, just makes me want to cuddle them even more.

So let’s all sing praise for the winter sun and make the most of it.  I’m sure there’s a playschool song that I could quote here, but I’m starting to realise that particular Australia TV icon might be influencing my life just a little too much. Instead I offer this scene of winter bliss (at least for me) – I’m liking the retro/modern combination of this one, traditional square nappies sitting side by side with modern cloth nappies (or MCN for those in the know).

 Check out that perfect blue sky


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5 Responses to Winter Wednesday – Sunshine

  1. L says:

    Oh, I knew you were my kinda gal!
    We’re a baby beehinds house up here.

  2. Yep, there are definitely some baby beehinds on the clothesline, though I like to play the MCN field so we have lots of different ones.

  3. Tania says:

    It certainly is a lovely blue sky over your way, hope those nappy’s dried for you!

  4. Hazel says:

    Well, there is something i won’t be blogging about…packed away all my equipment thirty something years ago. LOL. I did love my cloth nappies all white and fluffy on the clothes line though. Thanks for joining in Winter Wednesdays for a bit of winter joy.

  5. Tania, there’s nothing like an Australian blue sky, winter or summer really. You have a pretty impressive one in your blog header too. I will be checking out the rest of your blog tonight. And yes those nappies were dry by the end of the day, but it’s a never ending cycle at the moment.

    Hazel, while you might not be blogging about nappies, there seems to be no end of interesting blog-fodder happening around you. A recent post regarding a certain aspect of chicken anatomy springs to mind! I love seeing what’s happening in your neck of the woods, I am often caught by surprise. I’m loving the Winter Wednesday theme, though will have to get my thinking cap on this week.

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