The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part 2

Sadly, in sync with my kitchen disasters, the garden seems to have thrown up a few unwelcome surprises as well.  Just when I think my thumb is really starting to green up and I feel like I might be onto something in the gardening department things turn pear shaped (perhaps I should plant a pear tree, now there’s a thought).

Once again I will start on the good bit, which in this case is these two perfect looking violas flowering in a planter under my pergola.

 I’m especially please with these two beauties as the plants came up randomly and I then transplanted them, I love freebies!  I wasn’t sure they would be happy in this particular situation, but they now seem to have settled in nicely.  It really was a good thing I spotted them when wandering around the garden a few days ago, because I was desperately disheartened by a few other aspects of the yard.  They revived my spirits a little in a time of need.

Onto the bad…. it breaks my heart to report this one.  After much love and attention and what appeared to be a remarkable recovery my little lemon tree has well and truly come undone.  I had noticed a little while ago that it was experiencing leaf drop and after some research thought it was probably a lack of water – being in a pot it does dry out rather quickly and I can be a bit slack in winter.  So I upped the watering and became much more vigilant about giving it a drink when it hadn’t rained.  Then two days ago I went out to do just this and was confronted by this.   Every leaf bar three had gone, they weren’t even lying on the ground or in the bottom of the pot as usual, they were gone completely.  My guess is that the savage winds we had had the night before took its toll on this long suffering tree.  My heart sank, what am I supposed to do with it now.  The only silver lining here is the fact that the flower buds are still in tact, but I’m not confident they will stay that way in the long term.

After consultation with both my Mum and my lemon-guru friend I’ve decided to take the plunge and put it in the ground, if it dies so be it, but it certainly isn’t happy where it is.  So sometime this weekend (hopefully) we, being dear husband and myself will prepare a spot and transplant the lemon, then spend the next few weeks praying and hoping it picks up a bit.

With the good and the bad done, I went out this morning with Miss Two looking for the ugly part.  I really wasn’t too sure what to write about this and I didn’t take any photos as I was just too embarrassed by the state of the rest of my garden.  The ugly part is pretty much the whole west side of the house (a significant stretch of raised garden bed).  Other than a great little patch of lawn with a slide and sandpit – all of which are generally well maintained – the rest is a disgrace, definitely ugly.  It is riddled with weeds which I just can’t keep on top of and the plants are an uninspiring, insipid lot chosen by the builders before we moved in four or so years ago.  My guess is their budget dictated what was selected.  To call a spade a spade, these plants are just plain ugly.  I’ve had several goes at trying to give this area a bit more life and vigor, though without the funds to do anything substantial and always without great success.  Sadly our front garden is much the same, I lost interest in it after my beautiful silver birch succumbed to the heat the summer that Black Saturday happened.  This is in contrast to my vegetable garden which is usually well cared for, mulched, watered and weeded.  I take stock of the creepy crawly residents and take action when necessary – I’m trialing eggshells around the broccoli to deter the snails and caterpillars – and feed them with worm juice, compost and manure.  The soil is lovingly prepared before planting and I watch the progress of each item with great interests.  After some discussion of the sad state of the other garden areas with my husband, I have finally convinced him to let me turn the whole lot into productive food growing goodness.  Hallelujah!  To start with we will look for some fruit trees to put in as well as building a trellis for a couple of passionfruit vines.  I’m yet to decide what else will go in here, but I can tell you I’m pretty excited, this is a large area and gets more sun than my current vegetable garden so I’m hoping for great success.  It will be a work in progress for quite some time, but rest assured I will keep you all updated.

And so ends another installment.  My Saturday cook up this week looks like it will need to be postponed, hopefully just until Sunday, but we’ll see.  I need to get back on that horse quickly or a may lose my confidence completely.

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3 Responses to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part 2

  1. Hazel says:

    wow! This is going to be fun to watch unfold. By the way, my broccoli is teeny tiny…amazing what a macro photo will do. LOL

  2. Hazel, I’m glad to hear those broccoli are small, gives me some hope. I’m looking forward to transitioning the rest of my garden into food producing gardens too, though I’m sure the slow progress will frustrate me. If only budgets were no consideration – let’s hope for a big tax return!

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