Lazy Sundays

This weekend I broke with tradition and skipped the massive cook up I usually partake in at some point.  That’s not to say that I didn’t hit the stove to some extent, I just kept it low key and simple. In all I’ve had what I would term a lazy Sunday, but when looking back on it I did achieve a few things.

Firstly I started the day with a family snuggle in bed when both girls woke up early and ended up in my bed.  The littlest girl had a long sleepy feed then promptly fell asleep again.  Miss Two was in for a chat – as always and much to my husband’s disappointment hoping to be able to go back to sleep.  Eventually, Miss Two and I got up, had breakfast together and then sat down to watch Mary Poppins.  I have been dying to introduce this classic family movie to her, and rightly thought she would love the music, singing and dancing.  I generally dislike most modern children’s TV shows, but have found since having our second child that I do need to resort to putting the TV on to amuse her while the baby is feeding constantly in the afternoons or to give me a break to have a shower.  Hopefully instead of trashy, Americanized rubbish (I mean who eats waffles for breakfast in Australia – fellow parents will know who I’m talking about here) Miss Poppins will provide the entertainment from now on.

From a little before lunch Miss Two and Husband went for a visit to her Granny’s and to pick up some furniture and a workbench for the garage.  This left me alone with a sleeping baby – aaaahhhh the peace.  I took this opportunity to knock up a loaf of bread – I’m getting quite quick at this and know the measurements by heart now.  While it was proving I made a new batch of playdough for Miss Two which I been promising for weeks.  I was hoping to make it a vibrant orange, but disappointingly it turned out quite pale, more colouring required next time.  Even as an adult I love the feel of home made playdough, it just screams out to be squished between your fingers.  Miss Two was suitably impressed and made me a snake (or nake as she says) and a crocodile – we seem to be in a reptile phase at the moment.  Lastly I prepared a roast chicken for dinner, complete with all the trimmings as they say.  Shockingly while preparing the vegetables I realised that I would have to use the last two potatoes in the house.  This is not a situation I’m used to, usually having kilos of potatoes, the one vegetable I get too many of in me weekly box.  No potatoes for the rest of the week might be more than my husband can cope with!

Fortunately, none of these things were onerous to prepare and left me with a few hours to potter around the garden – results will be revealed in the next couple of days – read some blogs and catch up on some of my own TV shows.  In all it was such a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

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2 Responses to Lazy Sundays

  1. Andrea says:

    What a lovely Sunday you enjoyed, would be interested to see the Food Box and what types of fruit & veggies it contains.

  2. I love the fruit and vegie box, it’s like Christmas morning every week seeing what’s in there. This weeks best bit as a beautiful fennel bulb – braised fennel with a slow cooked ragu tomorrow night. I’ll take a picture or two when my box comes this week – mind you the summer boxes are even better in terms of variety. The produce is so much fresher than I can get in the supermarket or even the market. I didn’t realise how nice apples could be until I started eating the ones from the box and the plums take me back to my childhood picking them straight from the tree – nothing like supermarket ones.

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