Winter Wednesday – Splayde Food

In this week’s celebration of the colder months I’m paying homage to the humble splayde, the most unique of cutlery items.  Before I start I should acknowledge that there is some controversy of the name splayde, some know it as a spork, sporf or even spife, but as this is my blog and I’ve always known it as a splayde that’s what I’m going with.

In the 1970s, when my parents were getting married and going to other friends weddings, a set of splaydes was a common present.  I grew up using splaydes with fantastic orange handles typical of the 70s and for some reason I loved using them.  Once I left home to go to university the splayde was a forgotten pleasure, only to be rediscovered when I got married six years ago.  In a delightful retro move, my husband and I were also given a set of splaydes from an Aunt and Uncle – sadly without the retro colour scheme –  and I have relished using them ever since.

And now comes in Winter connection.  For my thinking splaydes are the utensil to use when you don’t really need a knife and this, for me, spells slow cooked casseroles where the meat is falling off the bone, rich creamy risottos or cheesy tune mornay, all dishes I enjoy in the winter months.  What makes Splayde food even more appealing in the winter months is that by it’s very nature you can eat it with one hand, holding the bowl in the other while curled up on the couch, preferably under a blanket and with something entertaining to watch.  Perhaps this is a little sad, but that spells a really nice way to spend an evening for me. Even as a younger woman without the responsibility of children, I would often opt for such an evening instead of going out in the winter months.

So for me winter is for staying in, cooking delicious meals that can be eaten with a splayde and enjoyed with the family.

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4 Responses to Winter Wednesday – Splayde Food

  1. Andrea says:

    I remember those splades we used them every Friday night with the take away chinese(collected in our own pots), and curling up on the couch with dinner is the Best!!

  2. Hazel says:

    ….or Sporks! I still use mine. Thanks for the link to Winter Wednesdays.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Splaydes, I love them..I grew up eating tuna mornay with a splayde and I asked for some on my wedding registery in 1998 when I got married, so now my children eat with them too!!! Long live the splayde……

  4. I’m so glad to see it’s not just me that has such wonderful memories of the humble splayde – and not alone in try to re-create these for my own children.
    Andrea – how terrific to be able to pick up your take away in your own pots, now there’s a way to reduce waste.
    Suzanne – I didn’t think to put them on my wedding registry, but was fortunate enough to get a set anyway.

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