The Hide and Seek Learning Curve

Just thought I’d share a little something about family life in my household.  My husband is the usual bath, reading, bed guru in our house for Miss Two.  He generally works long hours and only gets a very short time with our first born each day and in this time we eat dinner as a family – including the baby who invariably wants to feed just as we sit down to eat, it’s a good thing I can multi-task – and Miss two has a bath and gets ready for bed.  The only way her father can squeeze in a little Daddy and daughter time is by doing these things with her and it gives me a much needed break at the end of the day.

Recently it has become standard practice that while my husband is running the bath and getting things ready Miss Two runs off and ‘hides’. This involves her running into the lounge room, climbing onto the couch and putting a cushion in front of her face, then waiting for her Dad to come and ‘seek’ her.  It’s quite cute really.

Some days ago after the hide and seek game had occurred and Miss Two was in the bath I heard my husband trying to explain the concept of hiding and of seeking.  Once out of the bath he demonstrated a few of the possible hiding places around the house, behind the door or curtain, behind the couch and so on.  With each example he would explain that his whole body had to be hidden for the hiding place to be effective.

The next evening when bath time came around Miss Two ran out of the bathroom, climbed onto the couch, put a cushion over her face and said ‘I’m hiding’.  It’s a learning curve I told my husband when he came to get her.

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