Celebrating my 51st Post

In typical style I actually missed my 50th post, it was Wednesday’s – just ask my husband or family how good I am at remembering important occasions – so instead I’m celebrating my 51st post, hurrah!  In in light of reaching such a momentous number I thought I’d give you an insight into a few bits of my life as a mother of two, wife, cook, gardener and non-working teacher.  You’ll also note how much I enjoy a good list.

10 Things I’ve Learnt to Appreciate

  1. That my second daughter came pre-programmed to sleep (this one is in first position for a reason!)
  2. Conversations with Miss Two – I mean actual conversation with sentences almost properly formed, questions and answers, nouns, verbs and adjectives.   Her vocabulary expands before my eyes everyday and is a joy to watch.
  3. That my mother taught me to cook, to enjoy cooking and to love food in nearly every form.  My family make every meal an experience, and I love that my husband calls me a master chef even when I dish up spag bol.
  4. My husband, who supports all (well… most) of my schemes and dreams, including supporting me when I decided to go back to uni and study teaching and we weren’t even married then.
  5. That I have a little house with a little garden all of my own where I can potter along with my veggies or let the weeds grow wild without worrying about the landlord.
  6. That I found a lovely playgroup where Miss Two can roam free without me worrying and where I can get a much needed mid-week dose of adult conversation.  It doesn’t matter if we’re running late or we all look a mess, and there are plenty of hands to carry the baby (who doesn’t sleep when out and about, but I’ll never complain about that) so I can have a cup of tea.
  7. That I can find escape in a good book and do so regularly.
  8. That I have a job that I enjoy waiting for me when I’m ready to return to it.
  9. A family zoo membership that we can use whenever we like.  The best thing is being able to leave as soon as the kids are over it regardless of whether or not we’ve seen everything.
  10. The wonderful rhyming stories of Linley Dodd, the naughtiness of Jackie French and other delightful children’s authors.  If I’m stuck reading kids books for half the day, everyday, at least they are entertaining.

I haven’t really stated that I appreciate my family, immediate and extended, or my friends.  They all know that I do appreciate them more than anything else on my list, and i know how lucky I am to have them all (I just didn’t want to get too sentimental).

My life is by no means perfect though.  I try to focus on the good, but sometimes it’s okay to talk about the bad too.  So here’s another list.

10 Things I Wish Were Different:

  1. As a woman in my 30s I was led to believe that we ‘could have it all’, I’ve realised recently that to have it all everything has to be compromised (parenting, relationships, career).  Finding a balance that I can live with happily is like walking a tightrope while juggling many balls and I’m no circus performer.
  2. That I didn’t travel overseas much when I was younger.  I took three trips all of which I adored, but none of them were what you would call the ‘big’ overseas trip.  Travelling as a couple without children was so easy and exciting.  Travelling with children, small children, is complicated and stressful, though ultimately enjoyable as well.
  3. That I didn’t pay more attention in textiles when I was at school, I so wish I was handy in any way with a needle and thread, better yet a sewing machine.
  4. Conversations between myself and my husband weren’t so one sided – I talk, he nods and says ‘Mmmmm’.
  5. That I was better at avoiding futile and immensely frustrating arguments with Miss Two who is impossible to reason with.  I find myself wanting to stamp my feet and throw myself to the floor, instead I yell and then feel terribly guilty.
  6. That I had space to have the dog as well as chickens in my backyard.
  7. That we lived in the country instead of the city, where I could feel comfortable with my children riding to school, where the sky is bigger and where my family is closer.
  8. That growing things from seed didn’t take quite so long, though having said that the feeling of achievement when you harvest something grown from seeds is the best.
  9. That I had more time completely on my own, at home, to do whatever I liked and without feeling guilty about not doing some washing, cleaning the bathroom or mopping the floor.
  10. That trying to maintain a clean and tidy house with a messy husband, and rambunctious toddler and a ‘happy chucker’ baby was easier and less of a wasted effort.  It might help if I was a bit more of a tidy person myself – I missed that gene from my parents.
  11. That my girls had a chance to get to know their grandfather before he passed away.  I had a grandfather die before I was born and besides his name I know virtually nothing about him, it makes me sad.

Okay, so I couldn’t quite stop at 10, but I didn’t know which to leave out.  And with that I’ll say happy 51st post  to me, who knows how many more will follow but I’m enjoying the journey (of blogging and life in general).  Thanks to all who has stopped by whether you have commented or just lurked.

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6 Responses to Celebrating my 51st Post

  1. Suzanne says:

    Here, here, I can agree on so many of those things, especially the last…….my Dad would have been the most amazing Grandpa, patient, handy, a gardener, a bird keeper, a butcher, from the country with great stories to tell, just a really great bloke…and I miss him and wish to heaven and back that he could see the life I have made and the children that would have loved him to bits…..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, mummies need a bit of company, I will check back and see what you are up to……Suzanne

    • Suzanne, I so love reading your blog as well and agree with many of the sentiments you express. I am eternally jealous of your creativity and sewing ability though, I seem to be all thumbs when it comes to needle and thread related activities.

  2. Andrea says:

    Congrats 51 posts!! I to can relate to your lists, I think as a mother, wife and daughter sometimes we can try to hard to please all and to make sure every-one is happy that we forget to look after our ownselves. Be true to yourself, be positive and all will work out in the end, thats my moto!!
    Reading your blogs gives me a little reminder of all the wonderfull times (and horrid ones) i enjoyed watching my 3 babies grow into healthy,happy, caring and friendly people.
    Now if you were a flower what would you like to be called? Iris.Daphne,Poppy,Daisy,Rose,or Lily?
    would you choose one cause i feel a bit weird calling you thenewgoodlife.
    Keep those posts coming…..

    • Hi Andrea – I was wondering when the name thing would come up. I like to maintain a certain amount of anonymity on the net – especially being a teacher – but you’re right calling me thenewgoodlife is a little weird. I called my blog to new good life because I love “The Good Life” BBC series (I had to add new cos someone had one called the good life) so how about we go with the name Barbara, for the main female character on the show.

      Thanks for the advice, I do always try to be positive but looking after myself is often low on the list of priorities.


  3. Mrs Bok says:

    Awwwwww what a lovely post.
    I agree with pretty much all of your list too including the last.
    Happy 51st!!

  4. Thanks Mrs Bok, it was a really cathartic exercise to write it too. It’s funny how we Mum’s all have the same joys and difficulties isn’t it, but sad that there are so many missing grandfathers.

    I’ve been reading the older posts on your blog lately and love it.

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