The Great Garden Transformation – Part 1

Despite terrible gardening weather – though great for the actual garden – we hit the west side of the yard hard this weekend.  It looked like this before (mind you I took the photos after doing lots of weeding so you’ll have to use your imagination to gauge the true jungleness of it)

I spent most of Saturday weeding and digging and cursing the kikuyu that’s come through from next door.  I’ve pulled it out before, but this time I was determined to get the roots.   Well I think I got kikuyued in the end, that stuff is just impossible and the roots ran all over the garden.  Looks like I’ll be pulling it up again in a little while – perhaps this might call for some weed killer like my husband wanted to use.

In the end the weather got the better of me, that and the fact that we couldn’t get hold of a trailer until Sunday so I left it in this state

I think this is what you might call a blank canvas – the two little plants still in the ground I’m going to try to transplant into the front garden.  I’ve tried doing this a couple of times without success, but hopefully I might have more success this time.

And after all my hard work – and a little of my husbands when I couldn’t dig out some of the more stubborn plants – we had this to go to the tip.  Note in the background you’ll see the green bin also filled to the brim to be collected later in the week.

Day two of the transformation didn’t see any real action in the garden.  We were in need of a trailer for two things.  Firstly the load for the tip and secondly to get a load of compost to dig into the ground before some planting.  Unfortunately this didn’t all happen, we got the load to the tip and my husband took a trip to Bunnings (he was there for AGES) to get some supplies for two little building projects also for this garden, but no compost.

Most exciting though were the bare rooted trees he brought home for me.  So I am now in possession of a Santa Rosa Plum, a Granny Smith and a Jonathan Apple.  The apples will go on either side of the sand pit – I’m not sure that they’e going to get enough sun, but we’ll give them a go anyway – and the plum will go in the best spot at the other end of the garden where it narrows to a point.  I’m still in the market for two more dwarf fruit trees for along the fence.

Next weekend it will be composting time and then we’ll plant the trees.  Hopefully Husband will also get the bits and pieces built so the garden will have some structure to it.  I then have quite a long wish list of plants; some passion fruits, a bay tree, a blueberry bush, heirloom tomatoes, and a range of other vegetables.  I’ve also got some quirky ideas for growing stawberries which I might not get around to this year, but will do some time in the future.

In amongst the gardening I also did some cooking; bread, a whole orange cake, cordial, one of Jamie’s recipes from the cook book I got for my birthday recently and a celery soup from Poh’s cookbook – this last one was so yummy, who knew celery could be so great.  I’ve been lovely playing around with making different cordials with all the citrus fruits I’ve had.  So far I’ve made lemon cordial, orange cordial and a citrus blend of madarin, orange and lemon and all have been lovely and fresh, a world away from store bought cordial.

Oh and we had a visit from the purple fairy – she’s extra good at licking the bowl

and helping in the garden

and just being a fairy

Aafter all that work, there’s still so much to do, but I’m having fun with it all.  Anyone else hit the garden or kitchen this weekend?

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5 Responses to The Great Garden Transformation – Part 1

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow, what a lot you fitted into your weekend!!
    The new garden area is going to look great and I’m sure it will become your favorite spot to sit and enjoy a cuppa or one of your refreshing cordials.
    I had a great day on Saturday, made grapefruit/ginger marmalade then headed off to do a quick job in Daylesford, dropped into an op shop picked up another handmade apron and then went to the Farmer’s Market brought some beautiful healthy seedlings. Then a saw a sign…..
    BOOK FAIR ……well 2 hours later i forced myself to leave but i did buy 3 great books one of which was all on the area im visiting (Chianti) when in Italy, one on designing garden rooms and one on embroidery. $5 each . Sunday i got my hands into the garden and planted 2 new roses and a quick weed around the gardens, Home made pizzas and Lemon meringue pie for Sunday night with the neighbors finished of a great weekend!! Ciao.

  2. Well Andrea, you certainly know how to pack a weekend full of fun. I’m drooling over the thought of your grapefruit and ginger marmalade (I’ve discovered a love of grapefruit recently). Nothing better than a good farmer’s market and even better an unexpected book fair, oh heaven! Sounds like you picked up some great bargains.

    What kind of roses did you plant?

    Homemade pizza is a perfect Sunday night dinner and often on the menu here, cooked in the BBQ on the pizza stone. And yum, lemon meringue pie!


  3. L says:

    Well she is gorgeous! Great to hear of your fruit tree acquisitions – don’t forget to spray with lime sulfur asap. I learned that lesson the hard way.

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