Simple Mondays – Simple Tips

I’ve got about five minutes to sit down and write this while Miss Two is entertaining herself and the baby is just starting to stir after a morning sleep, and that’s about all I need today as this simple Monday is the essence of simplicity.  It’s a simple, but great tip.  You know the sort that makes you go ‘why didn’t I think of this years ago’ and that then becomes standard practice in your life.  I just love a good tip that makes some part of my life simpler.

The most recent example of this came from Rose of Greening the Rose.  She has a regular Tuesday Tips post and included this one some time ago.  We love pumpkin in this house and often get whole pumpkins in the fruit and vegetable box.  Unfortunately while I love cooking I don’t have the knife skills of a practiced chef, nor do I have the super sharp knives of a commercial kitchen, so peeling and cutting the pumpkin becomes a seriously dangerous activity.  That is until now… Rose recommended roasting the WHOLE pumpkin without cutting it (takes about 40 mins) after which it cuts like butter.  All I can say is what a revelation!  I’ve done this every time since, though if I don’t need the whole pumpkin I might cut it in half.  Roasted pumpkin tastes the best anyway, so this method enhances whatever dish your cooking.  A particular favourite here is roast pumpkin, baby spinach (or silverbeet), caramelised onion and feta pasta.

So thanks Rose, you’ve saved me from many potential trips to emergency.  Anyone else have a really simple but great tip they swear by?

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8 Responses to Simple Mondays – Simple Tips

  1. L says:

    That is a fabulous tip! My new kitchen is a few weeks from completion, but I’ll be giving that one a go as soon as my oven is working.

    My tip relates to laundry powder – since starting to use cloth nappies (a tip in itself really) I have literally halved the amount of washing powder I use – no tricks, just reduced it by half. I have noticed absolutely no difference in the cleanliness of the clothes, and saved 50% on my laundry costs. I think the usage guidelines are there simply to maximise profits.


  2. Good one L, I too use the powder pretty sparingly since using cloth nappies.

    Are you getting a dishwasher in your new kitchen. If so here’s a tip for you, put white vinegar in where the rinse aid goes, makes the glasses sparkle and stops soap residue that can stain them. That one came from our dishwasher repairman.

  3. L says:

    Ooh – I will have to try that! Yes, I am getting a dishwasher – it’s sitting beautifully in place, along with all the cabinet shells. The caeserstone is being measured today, then another 2 weeks until the benchtops and doors go on! The kitchen guy told my I can start filling the pantry, but it seems a bit premature/desperate to use the pantry before it has doors 🙂

    • Kitchen sounds fantastic, can’t wait to see the final result. I agree the filling of the pantry just yet does sound a little premature and desperate, mind you I;m sure I’d be jumping the gun and stocking it up already.

      Oh and another thought on the dishwasher, I go with the same strategy as you adopt for washing clothes, reduce the amount of powder for the same or better results. This was another tip from my dishwasher repairman, he recommended halving the tablets if you get them – there’s way more detergent in them than you need and the residue can stain glasses – or better yet we get the eco store powder.

  4. Kristi says:

    Oh yes! This is a great tip! I’ve actually done this before so I could freeze pumpkin for soups–so good!

    I just discovered your blog through Slow Living Essentials, and it’s just my kind of blog. Putting yours on my “must read” list. 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • The pumpkin trick is perfect for making soup isn’t it, makes it super delicious and so much easier than peeling and chopping up a whole pumpkin.

      Glad you liked the blog, it has been such a pleasure writing it and a bonus that a few people seem to be enjoying reading it. I’ll be sure to stop by and check out your own site.

      • Kristi says:

        Thanks! I’d love to have you “over”. 🙂

        Yes, the pumpkin trick is definitely a “keeper”. I love easy!

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