Simple Monday – Sisters

I’ve been pondering all morning what my simple Monday theme should be this week as I had two ideas both relevant to recent activities, however I’ve decided to go with this one, the special relationship between sisters (in my experience at least).

Over the last fourteen weeks I’ve had the absolute pleasure of watching my two girls fall completely in love with one another.  I mean totally head of heels.  The baby watches Miss Two with such intensity it astounds me and Miss Two is the best at inducing those special first smiles and giggles.  They have a very exclusive mutual adoration society going on to which no one else is invited.  The love from Miss Two stretches so far that she offers the baby her most prized of possessions, the purple fairy wand and her very special Flat Teddy.  Other evidence of the love is the distress Miss Two shows at any amount of crying from the baby.  At the first sounds coming from the nursery in the morning Miss Two is insistent that we go and get the baby, she climbs on to the bottom rail of the cot, reaches over to stroke the baby’s cheek and greets her with ‘Hello gorgeous girl’, the reward for all this love and attention is the most glorious, wide-mouthed smile and plenty of cooing.  Melts my heart every day.

Love at first sight

But the sisterhood bond isn’t restricted to these two love birds, I am also lucky enough to have a wonderful sister.  I’m not sure that we had quite the same level of devotion to each other from the start and we have certainly had periods growing up when we were not best friends, but we have always been close and that just seems to get stronger as we get older.  She was my one and only bridesmaid, the first family member to meet my first born, the one who offered to fold countless nappies and wash my floors when I was in a sleep deprived fog of new motherhood, and the favourite babysitter for those times when I really need a night out.  One day – possibly in the not too distant future – I hope to be able to repay in kind all those things she has done for me.  In the meantime I offer my love via bunches of parsley, big bunches of it and often.

And what really made me start thinking about sisters over this last weekend was spending the most wonderful afternoon with my sister and soon to be sister in law – my brother has impeccable taste.  The three of have a few things in common, a love of family, of travel and most importantly of food and cooking.  So what better way to welcome our new sister into the family than High Tea, finger sandwiches, scones and a shockingly good pistachio and salted caramel macaroon.  Added to  the mix a glass of real bubbles (as opposed to these ones  ) and of course tea.  In six weeks time she officially joins our family, but the sisterhood accepted her as a fully fledged member a long time ago.

So this post is dedicated to sisters of all kinds, bib sisters, baby sisters and sisters-in-law.


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4 Responses to Simple Monday – Sisters

  1. Mrs Bok says:

    Oh that is just so sweet!! Your daughters are just beautiful.
    I have two younger sisters and as we get older we get closer. Love having sisters.

  2. Andrea says:

    Yes Sister’s are special and your two little girls are just begining their special bond, what a journey for you all. I have been thinking alot over this post on Sisterhood and i could write heaps, but i was thinking how important it is for boys to have sisters and their relationships with women……….
    Also think your future sister inlaw is a very luck girl to be so warmly welcomed into the family looks like there will be lots of happy times ahead.

  3. Ali says:

    As someone with a wonderful sister and two great SILs, as well as someone lucky enough to have your sister as a ‘sister’ (!) I agree – your SIL-to-be is very, very lucky. 🙂

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