Weekend Outings

I feel like I have had the most indulgent week, the first for a long time.  With Miss Two staying with my parents I was able to do quite a few things that I usually don’t get a chance to do.  I guess I should feel guilty about enjoying the toddler-free time this much and I did miss her cheery disposition – though not the very early starts – but the break has been good for both of us.

I took myself and the baby off to see a film for the first time in who knows how long, I did some baking without ‘help’, I caught up on some programs I had taped but never get a chance to watch, I read in the afternoons and yesterday I, along with the baby and my gorgeous sister, went to the most magnificent market, Magnolia Square.  Like many others I love a good market, of just about any description, and this one did not disappoint.  I discovered it by reading another blog, The Bok Flock, so thank you Mrs Bok.  I loved the fact that this market was full of stalls selling locally designed and usually locally made items including jewelry, clothes, prints and loads of things for kids.  I managed to start my Christmas shopping for the girls and picked up a fantastic vintage print from these guys which I will get framed for Miss Two’s room; some hair clips for both of them  from here; a super cute dress for the baby from this one, a collection of screen printed cards from here and the most surprising pick up was some all natural fruit flavoured kids toothpaste and bio toothbrushes from here.  There were countless other items I was eyeing off enviously and with unlimited funds I would have really gone wild, but I came away immensely pleased with my purchases and with the fact the I have now started my Christmas shopping – that is unheard of in this house in August.

After some much needed ‘me’ time this week it was time to pick up Miss Two today.  We had arranged to meet Mum and Dad in Ballarat, roughly half way between our place in Melbourne and their place in Western Victoria.  Mum suggested a picnic if the weather was fine and boy was it fine, what a glorious weekend we’ve enjoyed in the south east of the country.  Unfortunately half of Ballarat had also decided to take advantage of the sunshine and head to the lake, there were kids, dogs, bikes and harassed-looking parents as far as the eye could see.  Miss Two was suitably excited to see us, she sure knows how to make a girl feel loved, and had a million things to tell us about her ‘holiday’.  The chatter has only just stopped as she finally succumbed to sleep.  Both Mum and I had been baking so we had quite a spread, including my chocolate cake (her recipe though) and her amazing lemon brownie.

And finally, I’ve been feeling inspired by some of the many clever women from blogland that I’ve discovered recently and am trying to be a little bit more crafty – taking into consideration my somewhat non-existent talents in this area.  In particular I have been interested in a few things posted my Tania at Ivy Nest.  She finds lots of good links to other clever crafters and it was one of these that sparked my interest to the point of actually doing something about it.  This project looked like it would be fun, quick and within my capabilities.  Miss Two was thrilled with it, and better yet it didn’t cost a cent, just some left over wool donated by my sister – another clever crafter.  And here is the result, a pom pom garland (though Miss Two was insistent that they were called composts not pom poms!)

  The colours may not be the brightest and not all the wool pom pommed as well, but that didn’t seem to bother Miss Two.  Who knows where this craftiness may go from here?

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4 Responses to Weekend Outings

  1. Bruisemouse says:

    Christmas shopping in August. I am impressed. I must say a good market is always great inspiration.
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  2. Andrea says:

    Looks like a great Market, and Xmas shopping well done!! I bet Miss 2 was happy to see her baby sister too. Enjoy your week its going to be beautiful weather!!

  3. Barbara Good says:

    I’m so glad that you too were impressed with this early start to the dreaded Christmas shopping Bruisemouse.

    Andrea, you’re so right Miss Two was delighted to see Baby Good (my new name, ‘the baby’ just sounded so impersonal) and vice versa.

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