Simple Monday – Life coming back to the garden

By all accounts we are set for a beautiful week weather-wise in Melbourne and Miss Two and I were eager to take advantage of it this morning.  After the rain of the last week I still had some sweeping and general cleaning to do around the paved areas from our recent heavy gardening work.  So while I did that Miss Two took a bucket of water, a paintbrush and let her imagination go wild on the concrete

When she grew bored with that I drew her a hopscotch game and showed her what to do with it – and boy are my knees feeling it now.  She’s a bit little to get the whole hopping and jumping aspect of it, but she had loads of fun just jumping or stepping into and out of the squares and then insisting I do it again… and again and again.

The swing and the slide got a work out next, with teddy joining in the fun as well.  I had a couple of bags of manure (that I picked up at a bargain price a couple of weeks ago) to move and in doing that we discovered some fantastic fat earth worms.  Miss Two loved having them crawling over her hands and then finding a nice spot for them under the apple tree.  We sat and watched them tunnel their way in the earth for a little while, then she thought we should go and give the worms in the wormfarm some love too.  These ones are so small by comparison, but they wriggle like crazy when you hold them.

Finally we decided to check out the veggie patch and see what’s going on.  My silverbeet still looks magnificent and has given us so much already.

The broccoli are coming on in leaps and bounds.  Another couple of weeks (or even less in this weather) and we’ll be eating home grown broccoli for the first time ever.

And in most exciting news I have three (yes three, count them) baby broad beans.  I was starting to worry that all my early boasting on the stupendousness of these was in vain and they would never actually develop beans.  They are probably taller than they should be and I have lost one as it toppled over and snap off, but they are covered in flowers and have had bees buzzing around them each time I’ve been bean hunting lately.  I read that once they develop their first beans you should pinch them off at the top, so I have been patiently waiting for this to happen, wondering if I should pre-empt the beaning and just do it now to stop them getting any taller.  Now that I have FINALLY witnessed some actual progress on the bean front I’m feeling a little calmer about the whole thing.  Mind you that won’t stop me carefully inspecting each plant every morning.  Just imagine the level of excitement I’ll feel when I actually get to pick one.

Can you see the bean?

So my Simple Monday thought this week is of the joy a small garden can bring to the very young and those not so young and starting to feel their age – or perhaps it’s just that I need to do a bit more hopscotch training.

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4 Responses to Simple Monday – Life coming back to the garden

  1. Bruisemouse says:

    What a fabulous start to the week. It really made me smile.
    : )

  2. L says:

    It is such an exciting time on the garden- so much promise of things to come. I had to exercise a bit of self-control myself and pinched out the growing tip of my broad beans – I waited until they had set enough pods before doing it.

  3. Liz says:

    Your bean is looking simply fabulous. I thought I spotted a flower on mine the other day and was very excited – clearly I wasn’t aiming high enough!!!

  4. Barbara Good says:

    L I’m hoping I haven’t been a little too enthusiastic about the pinching out. Having read your comment I’ve stopped and will wait for a few more beans before starting again.

    Liz if you read back I was totally thrilled by the first appearance of flowers of on the broad beans and then nothing for AGES until I finally spotted those three little beanies. Search as I might I couldn’t find any more.

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