Simple Monday – Starting the day with a story

I’m sure by now you’ve picked up of the fact that we love reading in this house.  Well at least Miss Two and I (and hopefully Baby Good in time too) are lovers of the written word.  For me anytime is a good time to read, on the commute to work when I’ve had jobs in the city, in the car on a long trip, lazing in the backyard or at the beach or curled up on the couch when it’s cold or wet.  But I especially love reading in bed.  I read religiously in bed before I go to sleep, in fact this habit is so ingrained that I usually can’t sleep unless I’ve spent at least a few minutes reading.  I occasionally decide it’s either too late or I’m too tired to read and try to go straight to sleep.  Inevitably an hour or more later I roll over, turn the light on and read, having lain there staring at the ceiling, wide awake.  And every time I wonder why I just didn’t read a bit in the first place and save all that time.

While reading before sleeping is my daily ritual, reading in bed in the morning is a luxury I seldom get a chance to indulge in these days – until recently that is.  In the days prior to having children this was a weekend habit, but now we are early risers and each day starts with a burst of enthusiasm instead of the slow, quiet start that used to occur on Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Two spent several months in the habit of waking pre-dawn anywhere from 4.30am to 6.30am and most of our attempts are cajoling her back to bed were failures.  Thankfully this is no longer the case and she now awakens at 7.15am, you could set your clock by her at the moment.  I hear her padding down to my bedroom as I’m feeding Baby Good in bed, she brings her much-loved flat teddy and green blanky and deposits them on my bed and then disappears again.  A few minutes later I hear the pad, pad, pad again as she re-appears carrying a pile of books.  She crawls onto the bed, gets herself comfortable under the doona and on Mr Good’s pillow (he leaves for work quite early) and ums and ahs over which one to read first.  So as Baby Good finishes her breakfast and gently goes back to sleep, Miss Two and I spend some time with Maisy, Alfie, Spot, Hairy McLary and all the rest.  She will stick with the same books for several days or weeks until she knows it by heart.  At the moment our morning books are the most wonderful collection, The Foggy, Foggy Forest by Nick Sharrat, Eight by Lyn Lee (my favourite) and The Dudgeon is Coming by Linley Dodd – all highly recommended.

So my indulgent morning of reading now happens daily, and while it may not be books of my choosing it is a lovely way to start each day and to share some quiet time with both of my girls.


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4 Responses to Simple Monday – Starting the day with a story

  1. Liz says:

    Your kids sound like mine. My 4 (5 on Wednesday) year old is a night time reader – I used to read her 4 a night but have recently got her down to a more enjoyable 2. Tonight we had The Lorax by Dr Seuss and a Charlie & Lola book. My 22 month old likes his books in the morning and is much like your 2 year old although he is usually already in my bed having migrated during the night. He pads off to get books and brings them back, waking me up by hitting me on the head with them. On high rotation are: Maisy, Hairy McClary, Minty & Tink by Eliza Chichester Clark (I really like this one) and anything with a creature that might go RAAAAAHHHH. Should I know who Alfie is?

  2. Barbara Good says:

    We have books before bed as well as first thing in the morning with Miss Two. We haven’t managed to reign the number in quite so effectively as you having to read three or four at least. She also likes to read before her nap after lunch and usually at some point in the afternoon, so in all we read A LOT during the day. I don’t mind except it’s usually the same books each time. We’re also Dr Seuss fans, but haven’t read The Lorax, will have to look for that at the library next time.

    Love the gentle way you son wakes you!! Sounds like we’ll also have to look for Minty and Tink, haven’t hear of that one. If he’s into books with lots of RAAAHHHHHs you should check out Dinosaur Vs The Potty, a very roary book and Miss Two thinks is hilarious. The Alfie books are written by Shirley Hughes, try Alfie and the Big Boys, Alfie Wins a Prize or An Evening with Alfie. Shirley Hughes as also written some other beautiful books like Dogger and Abel’s Moon (my favourite)

    Ah, I could talk children’s books all day, it has been quite a lovely revelation of motherhood. Might also help that I teach English.

  3. Liz says:

    Thanks for the Alfie and the roary tip – Wednesday is our library day so perfect timing. Personally I find the books that rhyme the easiest and most enjoyable to read – yay – Dr Seuss, Lynley Dodd and Julia Donaldson. Its funny I’ve not come across Shirley Hughes before – here I was thinking we’d read pretty much everything at the library….

  4. Liz says:

    We ended up getting Tales from Trotter St by Shirley Hughes which Miss 5 and I have really enjoyed, I like that she writes really well about seemingly mundane everyday happenings – easy to discuss with a 5 year old. Thanks for the recommendation.

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