A Tribute to Winter Wednesdays

Despite the fact the Hazel – host of the Winter Wednesday series – declared last week’s Winter Wednesday the last of the season, I am choosing to pay tribute to the whole season on this, the very last day of winter.

This humble little series of posts in my blog and so many others has done wonders for making these cold months go by a little quicker and seem so much more enjoyable…. and as I was already a fan of Winter this one has been particularly great one.  As I read through the posts from a multitude of other blogs and pondered ideas for my own there seemed to be four main categories for Winter celebrations: food, gardening, Winter activities and weather.  It was all about hearty casseroles, slow cooking, warming soups and rich desserts this winter…… hmmmm perhaps that explains my habit of putting on a few kilos at this time of year (though thankfully not something I have to worry about while I’m breastfeeding, no wonder I always have winter babies).  While gardening is at its most challenging in the cold we celebrated every small victory on the edible and floral garden front.  A little bit of colour was heralded loudly whether found in our gardens or in the bush, and the chance to put away the mower for a few months was worth a mention too.  Winter activities tended to involve limited movement, books, movies and the like were the order of the season.  And as for posts regarding the weather this Winter, these have been among some of my favourites.  We reveled in Winter sunshine, admired mists and fogs, and took in the rugged beauty of grey skies against wild landscapes.

For me the most wonderous aspect of participating in Hazel’s Winter Wednesday has been finding some amazing new blogs to follow… if only I knew how to add an hour or two to my day to keep up with the all.  There are so many great writers out there, doing interesting things in their homes, with their kids and in the community.  Thank God for the internet that allows these people to ‘publish’ their writing that then allows me to access it for free.

I couldn’t possibly go through them all but I do want to highlight a few that I really have enjoyed reading.  Firstly Suzanne from Enchanted Moments has the creative talents I long for, gets up to all sorts of fantastic things with her kids, has a passion for rabbits and is a keen collector of all things old and crusty.  Her blog looks beautiful and her writing witty.  Ali from Mud Pie has quite a unique gardening style (i.e. the alphabet planting project springs to mind), lives in Queensland where you can grow tomatoes in winter….. jealous doesn’t adequately describe how I feel about that, and has a great way with words, sometimes making up new ones where there seems to be a gap in the vocabulary market.  Andrea from Harvest with Glee is quite new to blogging, like me, and takes amazing photos.  Her veggie garden is magnificent and she is full of wonderful advice.  Rose from Greening the Rose lives in what looks like an idyllic spot on the coast and has been making some big and little changes to live more sustainably.  She has been working on a mammoth project investigating the ethics, environmental impacts and the actual ingredients (not just the numbers for colours, additives and preservatives) of everyday items found in most pantries.  The outcomes so far have at times been frightening and she has been doing a wonderful job of informing us of her findings – there has been a few changes made to my shopping list.  And finally one of my more recent finds has been the Bok Flock, a blog dedicated to the happenings of a small flock of backyard chooks, though Mrs Bok writes about all sorts of other things as well, including her garden and family and as she also resides in Melbourne I have picked up some great ideas for weekend outings (Magnolia Square being one).  Mrs Bok has quite an eye for decorating, you should check out her kids’ rooms.    There are so many more I’d love to share with you, but perhaps I’ll get to those another day.

And that brings an official end to my Winter Wednesday posts, it’s been fun but now it’s time to find a new theme to inspire me and spark my imagination.  I’ll have to work on that one.  A big thank you to Hazel (if you haven’t already checked her blog I highly recommend it) for hosting this weekly ‘event’ and for helping me find so many other wonderful, like-minded bloggers.

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2 Responses to A Tribute to Winter Wednesdays

  1. Suzanne says:

    I love the world of blogging…it brightens days that , lets face it sometimes arnt so bright!…and sharing and learning with like minded people is my kind of thing…
    Thanks for the wonderful words, thats really lovely..have a great day…x

  2. Barbara Good says:

    My pleasure Suzanne, your posts often brighten my days just when I need a little ‘sunshine’, so thank you!

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