Simple Monday – Fun in the Sun

While it may only be the start of Spring and it wasn’t too many weeks ago that I was expressing my excitement over the new season and all the potential it holds for gardeners, today actually felt like Summer.  And there is nothing better than getting up early – or being forced to get up early as the case may be (thank you Miss Two) – and heading outside for a bit of Vitamin D therapy.  It was 27 degrees going by my little weather monitor and though that’s a far cry from the torturous 40+ degree heat we can get when Summer really does hit it’s peak, a north wind and full on sunshine made the day feel like a proper summer’s day.

Of course there was the standard pottering in the garden, planting some carrots, attacking the field of parsley ruthlessly, leaving only two plants remaining (still A LOT of parsley and what on earth am I going to do with all the stuff I pulled out?), and watering, watering, watering, but Miss Two and I also found time for some serious Summer fun.  She decided to create her own merry-go-round out of the bottom railing of the pergola, inspired by her ride on the carousel at the zoo yesterday, taking ‘Big Baby’ for a ride with her.  It was a bit of a dodgy merry-go-round because she kept insisting I ‘fix it’ with a couple of bangs of a little shovel I was working with in the garden (I think that might have been inspired by the ‘fix-it’ man who had to come and get our car started at the end of our trip to the zoo!)

Best of all it was perfect weather for water play, pants get wet, never mind just take them off!  Miss Two that is, not me!  I’m not sure what the fascination with tipping water from one container to another is, but it provides endless amusement for my wee girl.  Just raid the Tupperware cupboard and fill up a little bucket from the tank and she’s set.  Another favourite is cooking dinner for Trixi – our dog – adding parsley, rocks, chalk, sticks and weeds to the water bowl and then insisting she come and have a taste.  Try as she might Trixi is not having it, oh well.

So who needs fancy toys, a perfect house or even a huge backyard (though I’d kill to have this…almost), not us.  Just some sunshine, a little water and a compliant dog will do.  It’s on days like this that I’m so glad not to be working in an office, or even a classroom.  And as it won’t be too long before I am back in the real world of paid employment I better enjoy it while it lasts.

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