The Great Mountain of Parsley

Over the last year or so I’ve been watching as bit by bit my garden gets taken over by parsley, each time thinking I really should do something about that.  Well yesterday I did.  I have one raised bed about 1m x 2m which started off having herbs and lettuce in it but the parsley has slowly taken over the whole bed.  It was only one hardy rosemary and a few self seeded cos lettuce that managed to survive the coup.  Not only had the parsley taken over the whole bed, it had completely covered the pebbled area in front of the bed and between it and the neigbouring bed making it near impossible to get in and water or weed.

So in the lovely 27 degree heat I ripped it all out, besides two of the smaller plants which were also heavily pruned.  The bed is now looking great and there is room for me to plant out the basil and lettuce I’ve got growing in the mini hothouse.  The pile of parsley grew so large Miss Two decided it would make a good mountain for her and Big Baby (her doll) to climb over on their adventure.  I had cut the tops of the stalks as I was pulling it out with the idea to put it to good use in the kitchen, but when I had filled a bucket I decided that was probably enough.

While yesterday represented the ideal gardening day (well except of the wind) today was perfect for getting into the kitchen and doing something with all that parsley.  So I made parsley pesto – 150g parsley, 100g walnuts, garlic blended in the food processor, add 1 cup olive oil and 50g grated parmesan and blend again – too easy.  This made two jars of pesto and leaves me with only 3/4 of a bucket of parsley….. tabbouleh anyone.

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5 Responses to The Great Mountain of Parsley

  1. L says:

    Looks delicious Barbara! I did some tabbouleh myself over the weekend and didn’t even make a dent in it. I need to expand my parsley repertoire, and this looks like just the ticket, thanks 🙂

  2. Barbara Good says:

    Thanks L, it is a great recipe and so quick and easy. We use it on pasta – just add a little of the pasta water or a little cream if it’s too thick – or as a dip. You could even spread it on the base of a pizza topped with tomato and mozzarella could be nice.

  3. Liz says:

    Parsley is my favourite thing to eat in the world (other than tomatoes) – there is no such thing as too much parsley, I repeat there is no such thing as too much parsley….actually perhaps that should be there is no such thing as too many parsley recipes…..

  4. Mrs Bok says:

    I was just wondering what to do with mine today! I stuck loads into a soup stock base bit the pesto is a great idea.

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