Simple Monday – Newspaper Mama

We listen to lots of Peter Combe in this house, a throw back to my own childhood, and one of my favourites songs is Newspaper Mama (Miss Two prefers The Billy Goat’s Gruff especially the line ‘Don’t eat me up, don’t eat me up there’s a bigger billy goat coming soon’).  I’ve been dreaming of being a Newspaper Mama, you know a Mum with enough time to read the newspaper!  Sadly that’s yet to happen, though I did buy a newspaper for the first time in months last week.  I managed to read the first four pages before other things got in the way and by the time I got back to it, it was all old news.  So what did we do with the rest of the paper?  On the third rainy day in a row last week I found some inspiration and transformed the humble newspaper into pirate hats for the whole crew – all captains apparently.

Miss Two drew a treasure map and the three captains went on an adventure to a tropical island (the mat on the floor).  Once there it rained, and it rained and it rained.  Well at least that’s how Miss Two explained the millions of pieces of torn up newspaper that she spent ages throwing all over the lounge room.  It looked like the place had been trashed, but kept her occupied all afternoon and only took a few minutes to clean up – perfect!

This got me thinking about all the other things you could do with a newspaper to entertain a toddler.  What are your secret weapons when it comes to assuming small people on rainy days?

Oh and as to the mystery object from last week there were lots of great suggestion, but no one answered correctly.  It was a birthday cake with candles – of course.







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4 Responses to Simple Monday – Newspaper Mama

  1. Suzanne says:

    of course…….

  2. Liz says:

    My daughter also made hats from newspaper yesterday – but it also involved a whole role of sticky tape (that will teach me for leaving her to it…) – every single one of her very large family of bears has one.

  3. L says:

    Candles – of course!
    Funny, we were origami-ing yesterday here too. Origami with a pirate theme too! What a strange co-incidence.

  4. Barbara Good says:

    How funny that all our kids were creating newspaper – or just paper – fun on the same day.

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