Simple Monday – On a roll

I have been feeling a little neglectful of Baby Good on the blog front lately, I write quite a bit about Miss Two, but poor Baby Good just gets an aside here and there, so this post is for her.  It’s quite fitting as it’s often just the two of us on a Monday so we get a little one on one to really connect and we have such calm and peaceful days.  It’s also quite a timely post as she rolled over on her own for the first time yesterday.  For the last five months she has smiled and cooed and chuckled away but pretty much stayed where I put her, now she’s on the road to mobility and it reminds me that she won’t be a baby for very long.  But for now she still is and I cherish these days and take a lot of photographs (though sadly not as many as for Miss Two).

4 hours old

Four weeks old

Three months

Five months old

I’m not sure if you can really tell what a child’s personality is going to be like based on their first five months of life, although Miss Two certainly has one that matches how she was as a baby (loud, sometimes difficult and demanding but mostly joyful and cheeky).  If I were to guess what Baby Good is going to be like I would say calm, happy and content.  She is a quiet little possum who, sadly, sometimes gets lost a bit in the craziness of our household.  She doesn’t fuss, but just waits patiently for someone to come and cuddle or play with her.  She smiles with her whole face, but you sometimes have to work hard to get one.  When she’s in the mood she loves to chuckle like a little old man.  And the best way to end a day is watching her fall to sleep.


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2 Responses to Simple Monday – On a roll

  1. Mark Willis says:

    Sounds like you ought to link up with my daughter! You obviously share some views on childcare and feeding youngsters / teaching them about cooking. See her blog called “Mellow Mummy” (link in my sidebar).

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