Simple Monday – A free day out

I’m sure there are plenty of mothers around who will understand when I say that sometimes being at home with my two girls is enough to send me certifiably crazy.  Miss Two can get up to so much mischief at even the briefest turn of my hear and this inevitably leads to yet more mess for me to clean up.  Lately this has involved ‘decorating’ the windows with vegemite, drawing on several pieces of furniture with crayon and putting stickers all over her sisters head.  The toys the lie strewn on the floor of pretty much every room seem to multiply of their own accord and while she loves ‘cleaning up in here’ she has yet to work out that this should involved putting things away rather than just removing them from her view.  Baby Good is a delightfully happy and quiet baby, but sometimes she doesn’t want to sleep despite her eyes hanging out of her head with exhaustion.  Other days she sleeps for a short time only to be woken by a rambunctious Miss Two.  Either way she ends up ver grumpy by the afternoon.

What also drives me mad being at home is the washing.  Sounds stupid, but it’s everywhere, piles of dirty washing waiting to be get put in the machine, wet washing that I have no room to hang out (I lack forward thinking at times when it comes to the tactics of wash days), clean washing heaped on the couch waiting to be folded and folded washing waiting to be put away.  I CANNOT get through it all and seeing it all over my house sends me into fits of despair.  I seem to have the machine going constantly, I wash everyday and yet still there is more.  And don’t even get me started on the ironing!

My solution to all these problems is to pack the girls up and get them and me out of the house.  This works if the house is a mess (90% of the time) and I can’t stand being in it for a second longer or if I’ve actually cleaned up it means it stays clean for longer than five minutes.  Usually it’s just a local park or the library where I seek salvation, but since being given our zoo membership in July we have been making regular excursions to the Melbourne Zoo and even Healesville Sanctuary.  I pack some snacks and sandwiches, take a drink for us all to share and head off early in the morning (getting there before the school groups arrive is a must).  So other than the two dollar parking fee, it’s a free day out that Miss Two loves (despite there not being a whale to visit) and that Baby Good also seems to enjoy between quiet naps in the pram.  We all come home exhausted by early afternoon, peace is restored to the household and my mind is rejuvenated ready to tackle the unpredictability of toddlerdom for another week.

So other Mums, where do you seek your salvation when the reality of being home with kids gets all too much?

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5 Responses to Simple Monday – A free day out

  1. Suzanne says:

    We have the ‘no new toys out’ unless the ‘old ones you are finished playing with’ are put away…..and as far as the washing goes…it just goes with the territory of mum, age of kids etc… will pass….I iron outside…seriously……have you got a really long extension cord, cos if you havnt, get yourself one and put the ironing board outside near the sandpit or the mud pie pile or the water play table……iron for an hour and put it away….
    There is no easy answer to entertaining kids, surviving kids, being with kids….all I know is that kids dont understand that you ‘have to’ do jobs…they just dont get it…so its much easier to just play with the kids and do the jobs later…………………..less crayon on the lounge that way! ( Mind you, this has happened to me….blue, big swirls of it….and no, it NEVER came off)

  2. Liz says:

    Park, Leisure Centre (the occasional child care is fabulous), Library, Playgroup, StoryTime, Cafes, Preston Market, Museum, Scienceworks, Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo, Federation Square & NGV, ACMI, CEREs, Tip Shop (although this can be very fraught), Op Shop(as for Tip Shop), and if I get really really desperate the indoor playcentre on Sydney Rd. I’m not very good at being home – even worse at ironing though. I was quite surprised that my five year old knew what one was – perhaps they teach them at Kinder…..

  3. Barbara Good says:

    Suzanne – You’ve inspired me, the extension cord will be coming out and ironing in the garden will be on the agenda. The weather forecast for this week in Melbourne is just delightful so any excuse to get into it is fine by me. The Mr Good turning up to work in an ironed shirt might just be the most exciting thing to happen in his office in weeks. I did realise some time ago that trying to do housework with Miss Two around just led to more mess, tears and tantrums so I only do a little while she’s watching playschool in the morning.

    Liz – Wow what a list! You’re kids must be having a ball everyday. Our regulars include the library and a fabulous playgroup, as well as a variety of local parks and recently the zoo. I used to go to CERES regularly as I had a friend with kids of similar ages who lived within walking distance, but haven’t been since she moved. I’m impressed that you can shop with your kids, unless it’s supermarket shopping where Miss Two is in the trolley, I can’t manage getting around shops without drama. Oh and Miss Two thinks the vacuum cleaner is an iron (don’t know where she got that from and considering both rarely make it out of the cupboard I am shocked she knows what either are).

  4. L says:

    Ironing outside! Genius!

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