A Garden Mystery

Some months ago I planted out several telephone climbing peas in my toilet roll seedling pots and put them in a makeshift hothouse.  They germinated wonderfully and I planted out nine seedlings at the end of July.  Not all of them have done quite so well but most went from strength to strength and have climbed to the top of the fence and beyond.  There are quite a few flowers on them and now peas are appearing, but not the ones I expected.

This is the packet the seeds originally came from – it quite clearly says telephone climbing peas – even the picture looks like regular green peas.

However, this is what has been developing on the plants

It’s not the best photo (awkward spot to get to and very limited time in which to take a shot), but it looks distinctly like a snow pea to me.  Now I’m not complaining, I love snow peas, it’s just not what I was expecting.  So please, those with more experience than I in the pea growing arena, confirm this for me.  I am looking at a snow pea aren’t I and not just a regular pea that is yet to develop?  It is wide and flat like a snow pea with just tiny little bumps.  If they are snow peas as I suspect, I should have a small handful to harvest in a couple of days which will make a lovely addition to a stirfry.

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4 Responses to A Garden Mystery

  1. Kristi says:

    I *think* that it *could* be just a young pod, but I’m not sure. I’m kind of new….

    I would leave them for a bit longer to see if they plump up. 🙂

  2. L says:

    That happened to me too! I planted Diggers sugar snap peas, and the plants that grew are most definitely snow peas.

    Totally looks like a snow pea to me – shelling peas never really look flat like that in my experience.


  3. Liz says:

    I reckon snow pea as well. Taste it and all should become clear….. well maybe.

  4. Barbara Good says:

    Yep, Liz and L I think you’re both right – snow pea. Perhaps I should go get some more pea seeds and try again with them.

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