The Barbara Good Project #6

I think the birds are laughing at me!  Remember this

I thought this was a clever way to keep the birds out of my carrot patch.  I realised at the time that theoretically the holes were large enough for the birds to fit through, but I thought it would be a deterrent anyway.  Well apparently not.  As I was washing the dishes the other morning, looking over my raised vegetable beds from the window I witnessed one particular bird land on the fence above the garden and dive bomb through the twine net into the garden bed, leaving with a beak full of mulch and a large hole in the soil.  Looks like a trip the the nursery for some proper netting is required this weekend.  Luckily I hadn’t got around to putting in some more seeds yet.  And still out of the ninety I planted only about six have come up.

I have had some progress in other areas.  Most of the corn seeds in the Three Sisters bed have popped their head through the soil – I think I’ll just have to replace two with some growing in the hothouse to complete the circle.  I was at first quite confused about what was corn and what were weeds, they look terribly similar, but I think I’ve got it sussed now.  So with replacing two in this bed, I’ll be left with four or five in the hothouse which I will pop into the main bed next to my so-far-failing beans and see which ones do better.

Corn on the left, weed on the right - see very similar!

Speaking of beans they’re next to go into the three sisters bed, I’d say in another fortnight once the corn is a little bigger and more established – though I have a terrible habit of under estimating how long things take to grow so possibly longer.  I have had absolutely no luck with the beans so far.  I started five seeds in the hothouse earlier in the season, three germinated and grew beautifully and then were attacked and destroyed by bugs as soon as I put them in the ground.  I’ve replaced them with another four seeds sown directly, but so far nothing has come up.  These are another that are definitely not living up to expectations given by Diggers.

The final planting for the three sisters bed is the pumpkin.  I’m thinking I might start a couple of these seeds in the hothouse and put them in another empty spot as well otherwise I’m not going to get any pumpkin in for ages.

I’ve also planted out all of the Pak Choy seedlings – I think it was about nine plants – some basil, marigolds and sunflowers.  The last three I’ll plant more seeds in a week or so.  I must also have another go at the coriander after Miss Two took a disliking to the last lot and pulled it all out.  I’ve since given her her own pot and some seeds to plant.  She digs around in the pot, adds sandpit sand and all sorts of other things so I doubt anything will come of it, but at least she’s now leaving mine alone.

The tomatoes are looking better since I started watering them regularly with liquid fertiliser, definitely some more leaf action happening, though there are still very small.  I decided to experiment with a couple and planted them into bigger pots with potting mix.  If they go well I’ll do the same with the rest before putting them into the garden. Planted at the same time was the lettuce, these look quite good and I think are ready to put into the garden, but before I do that I need to construct a barrier to keep the dog and the toddler away from them while they get going.

So a run down of what currently in the garden:
Turnips – just a few left ready to pull out and some going to seed which I’ll try to collect from for next year
Zucchini – three in the garden, another two waiting to go where the turnips are.
Broad beans – covered in pods and being harvested from everyday at the moment.  Actually it a race against some kind of pest that’s attacking the plants but not effecting the pods.  I might pick the rest for the freezer and pull them out to make room for the lettuce.
Peas – as it turns out these are snowpeas and are starting to produce nicely, nearly ready for the first lot to be picked.
Beetroots – somewhere between 20-25 all going strong.  Definitely better to plant direct into the ground rather than starting seeds in trays.
Carrots – BUT not many and still only tiny.
Silverbeet – it just keeps on going and going and going
Pak Choy
Corn – in the ground and in the hothouse
Cuccumber – 6 seeds planted, but so far only one has come through
Beans – but not yet germinated
Potatoes – these possibly won’t grow due to some issues we had at planting time (Miss Two pulled all the shoots off before I had a chance to plant them!)
Tomatoes – still in seed pots
Lettuce – ready to plant out, plus some old self seeded cos which is a constant staple
Herbs –  parsley, rosemary, basil
Eggplant – still only have one seed germinated out of about 10 and still in the hothouse
Capsicum – I’ve planted two lots of seeds, about 12 in total and still only one germinated also in the hothouse

Lonely cucumber (pic a bit out of focus sorry)

I’m think despite all the seeds I’ve planted – perhaps a bit late starting this though – I’m still going to have to buy a few seedlings.  If the tomatoes don’t go so well I’ll buy a couple of these, plus eggplants and capsicums.  Why is it always the ones you want the most that don’t go as well.

I feel like this has been a particularly rambly post which pretty much describes my mental state, hayfever having made itself well and truly at home in my head.

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4 Responses to The Barbara Good Project #6

  1. Liz says:

    I’m envious of your broad beans but hopefully not for much longer…..mine should be ready very soon. If you want some tomato seedlings I will have a few spare. They are mostly cherry varieties and maybe a Black Krim, if you are interested Iet me know.

  2. Andrea says:

    Birds and rabbits always find a way!! Plenty happening and growing in your garden, how have your fruit trees settled in? Im going to try out the Three Sisters Circle too will get the bed ready this weekend. Cheers!

  3. Barbara Good says:

    Liz, what a lovely kind offer. I was actually a little disappointed that I didn’t have any cherry tomato seedlings this year as I usually grow them. I’m still hoping my seedlings will pick themselves up by their boots and get going, but I would be very interested if you have any spares. Thank you! Perhaps I’ll be able to return the favour at some point.

    Andrea, thankfully I don’t have to worry about rabbits, but birds are obviously far smarter than I gave them credit for! There is plenty happening, but not all things growing. I’m really excited about the three sisters circle, but I’m finding it quite slow going. From my research you need to wait for the corn to get to about 10cm before planting the beans, my corn is only about 2-3cm so a ways to go yet. And given my current success rate with beans, I may end up with just two sisters. As for the fruit trees, all three are going well, though the two apples are’t yet in full leaf. The plum looks wonderful, I can already taste the fruit so hopefully we’ll get some next year. I have a couple of other fruit trees on my Christmas wish list too – oh and the lemon, well it died.

  4. Liz says:

    No worries at all – drop me an email and we can sort something out.

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