Extreme Ironing

Recently I was bemoaning the fact that I was drowning in washing and ironing and my only salvation was to stick me head in the sand – or at least get out of the house as much as possible – so I could ignore it all and get some headspace back.  I thought this tactic of packing the girls up and going to the zoo, park or library was a great one, but with one glaring flaw – the washing was still there when we got home and in fact was being added to.

This week has proved to be a boon for washing and with inspiration from Suzanne of Enchanted Moments I was able to climb that ironing mountain and conquer it.  The weather so far this week has been warm, sunny and windy – could you ask for better washing weather.  So the machine has run non-stop and loads have been washed, hung out, dried and brought in all in the same day.

Yesterday, taking Suzanne’s advice, I set the ironing board up outside and took part in a little extreme ironing.

Ironing on a hang glider - too easy

Ironing on a cliff top - a cinch

Ironing under water - no worries

Try ironing in the wind while supervising a naked two year old giving her toy whales a bath.

I set up a few dishes of water for Miss Two to play in as the day was so warm, she took that as a chance to get naked and give the whales (toy ones given her obsession with the creature) a bath.  There were a few anxious moments, trying to get Miss Two to stay in the shade to avoid a sunburnt bum, shirts flying off the ironing board several times, but I got the whole pile done.  Seriously that is at least a month’s worth of ironing, though I should point out that I don’t generally wear any clothes that require ironing and I refuse to iron the girls clothes so it’s just a few pants and lots of work shirts for Mr Good.

And after a couple of hours (with lots of breaks for cuddles or to get snacks) of hard work, this is what I had to show for it.

In light of this success in getting through the domestic duties I’ve been thinking of other jobs that can be done outside.  I’ve come up with folding clothes/nappies, several cooking tasks (ie peeling vegetables, mixing pancake batter etc).  Now I just have to figure out how to clean the bathroom and wash the floors from the comfort of my lawn or pergola.


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One Response to Extreme Ironing

  1. Mrs Bok says:

    Haha the pics made me laugh and I think the other pics have nothing on you! Can just imagine the wind whipping the shirt from you as droplets from the whales sprayed up around.
    I hate ironing!!

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