Simple Monday – A bit of colour

It’s safe to say that since the great garden transformation most of my backyard has been dedicated to the growing of edible plants.  This is a satisfying, at times challenging, and rewarding form of gardening, but they’re not always the prettiest of plants.  So the few flowers that I have had some luck with – they have to be robust as little attention is given to the non-edible varieties – make a lovely addition to the garden.  I especially appreciate these in the lull between seasons, after the winter vegies have come out and the summer ones have gone in but are not yet ready to harvest.  So as I wander about the garden I’m enjoying these small delights (as well as a glorious red banksia hanging over the fence from next door which I forgot to photograph.

This last one is a lettuce about to go to seed, but I just think it’s so sweet I included it in this post.  And having suddenly noticed this much-needed brightening of my garden I am determined to fit in a few more flowering plants.

Oh, on a complete different theme, the mystery of the pea/snow pea has deepened as a few of the older pods are starting to fatten up.  Is this the peas forming or the snow peas over-ripening so to speak.  Any ideas?  I really need to get out and taste one don’t I?  It’s pouring at the moment, but I think I’ll have to do that tomorrow.


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5 Responses to Simple Monday – A bit of colour

  1. Mrs Bok says:

    Ive been feeling the urge to plant mor flowers too. I love pea flowers! I think your pea is an old snow pea fattening up!

  2. Andrea says:

    Those little violas are very pretty and do a great job brightening up the garden. Have you thought of planting some Sunflowers? they are great for providing shade for smaller veggies and support for climbing beans, if you would like some seeds i have plenty to share.
    A walk around the garden, such a simple thing and brings much joy!
    Enjoying your Simple Monday theme.

  3. Barbara Good says:

    Andrea, I’ve just planted a few miniature sunflower seeds as well as some marigolds. I never considered the big ones for shading some of my smaller veg or better yet for growing beans up, how fantastic would that look. I have one spot left in my garden that I’ve been contemplating. It got overlooked when I transformed the rest, it’s narrow and runs between the fence and the lawn. Perhaps a row of the big sunflowers would do well there, I reckon Miss Two would love them. I’d love to try some of your seeds if you have enough to share around.

  4. Liz says:

    The older snow peas do fatten up so I’d agree with Mrs Bok. My 5 year old has gone into a flower planting frenzy (unfortunately all pink – arrrgh I thought she was over that obsession…..) – I particuarly like Cosmos for mixing with veggies, its got a bit of height to it but because it has nice fine foliage it doesn’t shade other plants too much.

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