You know it’s a good friend when….

I’m the sort of person who has just a small circle of close friends, many of whom I’ve known since high school.  It seems that with each phase of my life I’ve picked up a couple of new friends and have thankfully kept most of these.  I have such a lovely little group of girlfriends from high school who I still catch up with and speak to regularly despite living in various places across the state.  I made some great friends while I was at uni, including my husband and again once I started teaching.  Now as a mum I’ve added a few more wise and warm women to my circle.  I appreciate them all and my life is richer because of them.  There are certain things that you could only say or do with someone who is a truly close and good friend.  And I’ve recently discovered that swapping chocolate cakes is one of these.

I had intended on sharing my favourite chocolate cake recipe in today’s post, but then something interesting happened.  One of these very good friends of mine from high school who also happens to live in Melbourne phoned me with something of a dilemma.  She has been away working in another part of the country for the last three months with only a kitchenette in which to work her cooking magic – she is a fabulous cook – and so on her return was especially keen to get back to her kitchen.  A chocolate bunt cake was on the cards to take to a morning tea, however in removing it from the tin the top removed itself from the bottom – leaving a very yummy, but somewhat sad looking cake.  As it happens I had made a chocolate cake on the same day, and for once it wasn’t over cooked on the top and sides as I have a tendency to do.  Actually it looked quite impressive.  So I suggested a swap – no one would know the difference, she would have the promised chocolate cake to take to morning tea and I would still have a delicious, chocolatey indulgence to enjoy after dinner.  It was meant to be, and I know she would have done same thing had the situation been reversed – which is much more likely given I’m not such a whiz in the kitchen.

As the cake I received was a bit broken and in pieces and thought a little chocolate sauce drizzled over a warm piece (perhaps even with a bit of ice cream) was warranted.  I think chocolate sauce fixes any cake that hasn’t come out of the tin as expected – I’ve learnt this from experience!  So I whipped up a bit of Nigella’s Hot Chocolate Sauce

75g dark chocolate
125ml cream
2 tablespoons of Camp coffee or 2 teaspoons instant espresso coffee dissolved in 2 tablespoons of water (I don’t handle coffee well so I leave this out)
1 tablespoon golden syrup

Break up the chocolate and put into a heavy based saucepan.
Add the remaining ingredients, then place the pan over a gentle heat and let everything melt together.
Once everything has melted, stir well, take off the heat and pour into a jug for serving (or if you’re me just pour straight onto the piece of cake in the bowl).

Definitely not a weight watchers recipe, but life’s to short not to let a little chocolate sauce into your life!

I think everyone should have at least one friend good enough to swap cakes with, thankfully I have several.



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