Simple Monday – Putting a face to a blog

I’m not sure actually that this post technically fits with my Simple Monday theme, as meeting people for the first time (in this case fellow bloggers) is neither simple nor something that happens everyday or every week.  But I really wanted to write about this today, so I’ll just pretend it fits.

Actually I feel like I’ve just had one of the most pleasant weekends ever (big call, I know) and it was capped off beautifully when I, along with four other garden bloggers, met at Heronswood in Dromana. There was Mrs Bok, Hazel, the Veggie Gobbler, Phoebe and me – oh and Baby Good in the carrier, always happy to take a stroll around a garden.  And this garden was something else, in particular the vegetable garden was a sight to behold.  We were planning on taking the organised garden tour, but having stood through quite an indepth history of the house we decided to take ourselves off to look at the main attraction – the vegies.

It was an inspiring wander, at the same time intimidating and encouraging.  Intimidating in that it was so perfectly organised and the size compared to my own TINY patch meant that much of what they had done was beyond anything I could hope to achieve in my yard.  Encouraging in that there were many many cabbage moths and their beans had been eaten down to the bare stalks just like mine!  I figure I can’t be a complete failure on taming my garden if the professionals struggle too.

And the bloggers I met were just so lovely, so knowledgeable (especially in comparison with me, a complete amateur) and so like their blogs, though at the same time not exactly what I imagined.  I think what I appreciated most was that there was only limited talk of children- my usual conversation with other women mostly centres around kids – and it was lovely to have something other than kids the same age in common.  Though VG’s little moneys were gorgeous – love the curly hair boys!

While Baby Good and I were getting our fill of vegetable garden inspiration and conversation I sent Mr Good and Miss Two off to the Little Diggers tent where she created several masterpieces for the garden (I’ll post about these later), adding a splash of paint to her new sun hat, t-shirt, hands, face, hair and Mr Good.  Ah the endless stream of washing continues.

We finished with a stroll through the nursery where I couldn’t go past a few strawberry plants, a pink pelargonium for Miss Two and several packets of seeds – mostly flowers believe it or not.  I actually meant to pick up some celery seeds, but in my haste – Miss Two was minutes away from a melt down and we had to make a hasty exist to maintain the illusion that the Goods are always good! – I totally forgot to pick them up.  Ah well, looks like I’ll have to place another order sometime soon.

And with the promise of tears and tantrums any second I made my good byes to some of my new friends – I apologise VG and Hazel I missed you on the way out – and we headed for the gate.  All hell broke lose (I’m sure everyone within a 2km radius would have heard the results) as we tried to go back through the entry as others were coming in.  Miss Two caught sight of a large dog – she has a real fear of all dogs and lots of other animals as well – and that was the start of a long, loud and hysterical tantrum that continued on our walk back to the car, as we got everyone strapped in and started back down the coast.  Thankfully by the time we stopped for a quick bite of fish and chips by the sea she was over it – at least until the seagulls descended on us in search of scraps.  We escaped back into the car, where I drove home to the chorus of three snoring Goods!

A glimpse of the bay


The tree climber

Checking out the incomplete hedge tunnel

Sadly, I failed to photography both the amazing vegetable garden and the smiley Baby Good.  Oh and we did indulge in a lovely morning tea of scones, jam and cream, you’ll be please to know the scones were well and truly up to scratch.

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6 Responses to Simple Monday – Putting a face to a blog

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Barbara, sounds like a great day was had by all (i’m a little jealous) and so glad it was good weather too. Those gardens are quite something i agree and don’t they have a huge selection of seeds to choose from!! Mmmmm scones too!!!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh Andrea, I would have loved you to be there too! Maybe one day we’ll meet IRL, I feel a real connection with you. And those scones were so good – but sadly I had to share.

  2. Mrs Bok says:

    It was lovely to meet you and the Good family! I’ve got a little waterer to send to you so email me your address!

  3. Phoebe says:

    How great was it meeting everyone!!! I had such a lovely day and I’m sorry I made Miss Two cry by stealing her chair! Baby good is the cutest little thing in the world!

    I think you know a lot more than you give yourself credit for! It was so nice to put a face to a name. I hope we can do it again soon!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Phoebe don’t worry about Miss Two, she is quite finicky and doesn’t like when things don’t go her way – tears are a regular occurrence.

      And sadly, my knowledge really is as limit as it appears, but I’m working on improving that. So please when I write something completely ridiculous, put me in my place!

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