Beautiful Beetroots

Continuing with my theme of celebrating the successes I’ve been having in the garden, I thought it time to focus on the beetroots steaming ahead in their little sunny spot.  So far my record with growing beetroot has been somewhat hit and miss, having first planted some in seed trays and then transplanted these into the garden.  The vast majority died quite quickly and those that are still hanging on are certainly not my star pupils – they have a LOT to learn from their neighbours.

After advice from a number of people to forgot the seed trays and plant them direct, I had another go doing just that.  They came up in a relatively short time and in good numbers so I was more than happy.  Having learnt a lesson after growing turnips I braved up and did some rather brutal thinning allowing each plant room to grow, I hope, though looking at the photo above there do still seem to a couple quite close together.  The remaining plants have continued their progress at a steady pace, not spectacularly quickly, but obvious enough for me to notice.  I they are beautiful plants to look at, the combination of the glossy green and deep red of the stems is quite something isn’t it?

I think they’ll be ready to pick in about January and I’m already storing up ideas for using them.  Once again I’ve taken no notice of Mr Good’s vegetable preferences, he claims to loath beetroot describing it as tasting of dirt.  I’ll have to do something rather special with it to change his mind on this one.  All going well I’ll also try to squeeze a second crop when I have some room in another bed.

I remember growing baby beets at high school and pickling them with Mum when I brought them home.  They were delicious from memory so I hope I can recreate them, though I often find it impossible to get a dish I remember from childhood just right.  It always seems different from what I had in my mind.


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7 Responses to Beautiful Beetroots

  1. Phoebe says:

    I LOVE BEETROOT! as you now know! Its such a great easy crop and the leaves are a great way to get non beetroot eaters to get used to the taste. That’s how I started. I hated beetroot until I grew it and tasted it fresh and not from a can!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Okay, I’m inspired to start using the leaves too. I’m often pretty dim at realising it’s not just the main part of the plant you can eat. The leaves will look fabulous in my summer salads.
      Can I confess I secretly like the canned stuff as well – stems from my childhood I think.

  2. Liz says:

    Top 5 Beetroot dishes: Beetroot, Mint & Feta salad, Beetroot Rasam, Beetroot and Apple Relish, Spiced Beetroot (using Sth Indian spices), & drum roll please Beetroot Chutney – if he doesn’t like one of them then …..hmmm……I think its clear he doesn’t like beetroot. Oh I just thought of another fav – Beetroot with horseradish. V. nice indeed.

  3. Andrea says:

    The foliage of beetroot does look great and the small young leaves can be added to a salad , i find it one of the easier veg to grow & happy to be nestled between other crops.

  4. Mrs Bok says:

    Lovely beets! After our chat I’m going to grow more if only for their leaves 🙂

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