Miss Two’s garden adventures

I think it’s inevitable that with the amount of time I spend pottering in the garden while Miss Two plays, that she eventually wants to copy what I’m doing or should I say what she thinks I’m doing.  Most of her gardening seems to involve picking things just as they get going, just ask the coriander and most of my other potted plants.  So in an attempt to lure her away from my precious items, I’ve set up a couple of pots her to do with as she pleases.

You may remember I wrote about the first of these a while ago.  We filled a little pot with potting mix, then Miss Two scattered in some marigold and mini sunflower seeds.  Since then I’ve let her have free reign on this pot and she has been mostly keeping out of mine.  Her tending of her flowers generally involves digging around in the pot, adding sand pit sand and even tipping the whole thing over.  I thought there was no hope of anything coming up…. I was wrong.

There are several marigold and sunflowers through, but they’re all in one half of the pot.  It will be interesting to see how they go.  Ever since they came through she’s been desperate to pick her ‘flowers’, and it takes some convincing for her to understand that they will actually grow proper flowers if she gives them time.  For now she’s a skeptic, so for a bit of instant gratification on the flower front I bought a pretty pink (of course!) pelargonium from Diggers.

Pretty in pink

And as her garden seems to expand we’ve added a pot of strawberries.  She certainly won’t be having free reign on these, they will soon be mulched and netted (to keep little hands and dog snouts out!)

And a bit of garden art with the Miss Two touch

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5 Responses to Miss Two’s garden adventures

  1. L says:

    I love the garden art! A bit of colour always does the garden good 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    Love the scare- crow and good luck with those strawberries, enjoy your day tomorrow!

  3. Liz says:

    I have given Mr 2 his own pot of strawberries too – I just leave him to do what he likes with it. Currently he likes pulling off all the white strawberries and eating them, deciding they are yukky and spitting them out. Still it keeps him away from the other patch – although he is bound to discover than sooner or later……they do learn eventually though Miss 5 is perfectly behaved in the garden.

  4. Mrs Bok says:

    Too cute!
    Between chooks and Master Bok I’ve never eaten a strawberry. I have 20 plants at least.

  5. Barbara Good says:

    Well it doesn’t sound like I’m going to have much luck getting any of our strawberries. 20 plants Mrs Bok, that puts our little pot with three plants to shame! Hope that chook fence is doing its thing and keeps your flock of the strawberries so you can at least try one this year.

    Liz, you’ve filled me with confidence that I will be able to tame the garden terrorist in time, though 5 seems a long way off just now.

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