Simple Monday – A morning wake up call

Parents of toddlers pretty quickly get used to the pitter patter of little feet and the inevitable “Wake Up” call early – VERY EARLY – each morning.  At least that has been our experience and that of many of our friends.  For whatever reason small children are programmed to rise with the sun and sometimes even before the sun.  So much so that Mr Good and I had to instigate the rule that if there was still a 5 on the bedside alarm clock it was just too early and Miss Two would have to go back to bed.  No mean feat when you have a very determined little girl ready to start her action packed day.  Thankfully it is usually after 6 that our door creaks open and she appears, teddy tucked under her arm and blanket trailing on the floor behind her.

Some months ago Miss Two went through something of a remarkable transition.  As with most children who spend they’re days at home with Mum, she looked to me automatically for pretty much everything, including to get up with her in the mornings.  But for some reason she has switched our roles and now the standard line as she enters our room is “WAKE UP DADDY, IT’S SUNNY TODAY”, regardless of the actual weather conditions.  I write this in capitals, because this line is delivered at full volume (which seems infinitely louder at 6am) right next to Mr Good’s sleeping face.  If it wasn’t so early it would be quite amusing.

And regardless of how much Mr Good tries to convince her that it would be better for Mummy to get up, she will not change her mind.  In fact she ignores his reasoning altogether and starts listing off all the things she wants for breakfast, demanding to sit and watch a play school episode with him or for him to build something tricky (crocodile, rooster, dinosaur etc) with the duplo – so far she hasn’t managed to stump him, he is quite the duplo artist.  I just smile to myself, roll over and go back to sleep.  Of course if it’s a work day, that extra sleep is quite short with Mr Good walking out the door by 7.30am at the latest but it is lovely enjoying those extra few minutes in bed listening to the two of them chatting and playing together.

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