The Sunflower Walk

A little while ago the lovely Andrea from Harvest with Glee sent me a collection of seeds she had collected when I mentioned my desire for more flowers in the garden.  Among these were two variety of sunflowers which she thought Miss Two would love.  I had a little strip of unused garden running between the fence and the lawn that I thought would be perfect for our Sunflower Walk.  I roped Miss Two into helping me plant the seeds which she loved for the first five minutes and then deserted me for the sandpit.

We planted three rows of seeds in an area about four metres long.  At the back we put the giants, regular in the middle and minis at the front.  I had visions of a veritable sea of sunflowers.  Unfortunately the snails had other ideas and after we had loads come up, only six have survived and I have just put fortifications around these.  I’ll wait to make sure these ones survive and then try again with more seeds.  I am determined to have sunflowers blowing in the breeze as we play outside this summer.

The mini sunflowers were from my own collection and I had planted a few earlier in the season, but again the snails have munched on most of these.  Thankfully the ones in Miss Two’s pot are doing well, as is this one next to my tomatoes.

What a cheery soul to have in the garden, I hope he has some friends soon.  Oh and can you spot where the snails and slugs have been!!

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4 Responses to The Sunflower Walk

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve (or rather my daughter) has sown sunflowers this year for the first time in ages, I’m really looking forward to seeing them (perhaps even more than the veggies- weird huh).

  2. Andrea says:

    Glad Miss Good was entertained for a few moments ! hope some of the other seeds do a little better! Happy gardening!

  3. Barbara Good says:

    Andrea, five minutes is about as long as anything holds Miss Two’s attention. Mind you she has been fascinated my the one that is already flowering and the two we put in her pot. One is significantly bigger than the other, so she calls them the mummy and the baby. I have managed to save about half a dozen of the seedlings (with the help of snail bait, bad I know), and will plant some more soon.

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