Retro Gardening – the magnificent fuchsia

How's that for vibrant pink!

In one of my very first posts I talked about my desire for something of a retro garden, with plants and flowers I remember from my grandparents and my parents gardens.  The list included hydrangeas, geraniums and fuchsia.  Sadly I haven’t made much in the way of progress in this area.  I do have a new pelargonium, a geranium struggling along from a cutting I took a while back (I must re-assess my ability to strike things from cuttings, my success rate is dismal) and of course the fuchsia which was given to me by a friend for my birthday.

When I got it, it looked like this

It was a cutting struck from my friend’s mother’s plant so a very special present.  I love the idea of plants being shared like this.  She promised it was a beautiful vibrant pink flower and with the dark green/red leaves I thought this would look absolutely stunning.

I was determined not to neglect it, and have kept the water and liquid fertiliser up to it for months.  At first nothing much seemed to happen then all of a sudden I notice just how big it had grown.  So much so that it would topple over in the slightest breeze.  I decided it was high time I either repotted it or put it in the garden.  They like shady areas and lots of water, I have the perfect spot in the back corner of my garden, but opted to repot instead.  I think I’m a little scared of putting it in the ground in case it dies on me, but I will probably have to do that eventually.  The spot I had in mind hasn’t had anything done to it, so I will need to add some organic matter to the soil before I do anything else.

Now in it’s new pot, positioned at the edge of the pergola in part sun and part shade, and it looks like this

I secretly have ambitions to take loads of cuttings from this one and have a row of potted fuchsias under the pergola.  Let’s hope I can master the art of striking from cuttings soon.  In the meantime I will leave this beauty alone to get used to it’s new surroundings and continue to flourish.

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