Simple Monday – Al Fresco Dining

Around here we like nothing better than to take our dinner and eat it outside.  Miss Two would eat in these surroundings rain, hail or shine if she had her way, and I must admit it’s much easier to clean up when you have two (yes, Baby Good has started eating real food!) rather messy eaters – I just untie the dog and let her go for it.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had turned our outdoor table into a potting bench so we had been using Miss Two’s little craft table to eat around.  Andrea thought this might amuse the neighbours if they peaked over the fence, what do you think?

Note the mayo jar on the ground - a definite lack of space in this table.

Thankfully, as I have planted out a vast majority of my seedlings, I have managed to clear off the bigger adult-sized table, so our evening meals in the outdoors look somewhat more normal.

Oh and did I mention I have TWO MESSY EATERS

Sadly the forecast is for rain and cooler weather all this week, so it will be back to indoor dining for a while.  But if you’re somewhere warm and sunny this Simple Monday why not take dinner outside and enjoy the peace and calm the evening tends to bring – until bathtime that is (or is that just in my house?)

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10 Responses to Simple Monday – Al Fresco Dining

  1. Liz says:

    I think baby good is doing a great job with her pumpkin? lentils? I think the forecast is for warm weather for at least the next couple of days and hopefully no more rain for awhile!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Actually it’s my home made baked beans – always a hit with my girls and so versatile. I use it in baked potatoes, as a filling for burritos or just on toast for breakfast.

      You’re right about the weather, home made pizzas outside last night. Tonight BBQ prawns, but we’ve had a few drizzles already and rain is predicted later tonight so we’ll see if it’s outside or not a bit later.

  2. L says:

    Oh, your family is so beautiful! I love the outdoor dining idea – and we have the same table 🙂


  3. Andrea says:

    What beaut photos of your 2 daughters1 Miss good with her lovely smile and baby goods fingers working overtime, dinner must of been tasty.(Mr Good looked good too) Simple dinner later on tonight on our veranda watching the sunset and the dogs swimming in the dam.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Miss Two does have a great smile, but it usually disappears when the camera out lately, I was lucky to catch this one. Generally I get these crazy scrunched up faces instead. Baby Good’s skills with food are getting there slowly, in the meantime it’s very messy.

      You’re dinner sounds lovely! I would love a house with a beautiful veranda.

  4. Victoria Clyne says:

    Hi Mrs Good, Mum and I love the photos, but we were both very glad not to be a part of the aftermath. Mum’s suggestion is an outdoor shower. . . . or you may have found another use for the garden hose or the paddling pool.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Next time I’m bringing them to your place for dinner, A will love it! The outdoor shower would be perfect, we’ll have to use the hose until then. The paddling pool has been turned into Miss Two own personal swamp complete with oozy mud.

  5. bruisemouse says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. : )

  6. Barbara Good says:

    It is Bruisemouse, but definitely in need of baths afterwards!

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