Fruit trees spring into life

It’s a funny thing planting bare-rooted fruit trees, it looks like you’ve just got a big stick and stuck it in the ground and it stays like that for some time.  When we planted the three trees at the end of July I was terribly excited by the prospect of growing our own fruit – even though that is some time off yet.  Vegetables are relatively easy, you plant the seed, after a short time it pops up and off it goes, within a few months you can actually eat something (given that is has been carried off by snails in the night, attacked by possums or succumbed to some unfavourable weather conditions).  With trees it’s a waiting game, patience is required, giving a seemingly dormant thing love and attention all in the hope that in a year or two it might bare fruit.  Have I mentioned that patience is not my strong suit?

It was a difficult wait to begin with, I would examine the trunks of the trees in the most minute detail looking for any signs of life, but for weeks nothing really happened.  Then the plum tree started to show leaf buds, all of a sudden they were covering the branches, after a few days the leaves started to unfurl in greater and greater numbers.  Now after four months it actually looks like a tree, full of life and plumy potential, though still very small.

Please ignore the weeds at the bottom of this picture, I really must get around to weeding this spot.

The two apple trees took much longer to get going and even then they seemed to put out one new leaf at a time then left me hanging before finally put out the next.  The Granny Smith was particularly slow going and at one point looked like it wouldn’t make it, with the few leaves it had curling up and turning brown.  The spiders had taken a special liking to this tree, but once I moved them on it seemed to pick up a little.

The real turning point came while I was away , probably because I wasn’t there to studying them every day, so when I did come back I really noticed the difference.  Not only are they both now covered in leaves, but they have a significant section of new growth at the top of the central trunk.  I can now start to imagine little apples forming on them in the new few years.

Jonathan Apple Tree

Granny Smith Apple Tree

I am certainly finding the fruit tree growing thing a test of my patience, but at least there are now signs of life from the sticks I planted four months ago.

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6 Responses to Fruit trees spring into life

  1. Phoebe says:

    How exciting! Its almost agony waiting for fruit trees to grow! Where did you get yours from?

    Do you ever go to the bundoora sunday markets?

    • Barbara Good says:

      Hi Phoebe, you’re right agony is the word for it. I’m putting extra pressure on these trees though as I know this house won’t be big enough as the girls get older and need a bit more of their own space, so I really want to be able to enjoy the fruit for a while before leaving.

      Do you mean the markets in La Trobe uni carpark? I used to go to this one every week – great olive bread! – but have been for ages. I find it hard to get a bit of spare time on Sunday morning and Mr Good is not really a market person – Sunday is his only sleep in and he guards it with great commitment.

  2. L says:

    Oh, yes the Granny takes forever. My tropical apple has fruit almost ready to pick, whereas the Granny (and multigraft with pink lady) has really only just woken up. Just think though – you will have winter fruit! And I don’t think it’s impossible that you might get 1 or two fruit this year, either.

    • Barbara Good says:

      L I think I would keel over and die of shock if I got apples this year, but now that you’ve suggested it I will be examining them for any signs of budding fruit from now on!

  3. Andrea says:

    Hey those little sticks are looking good! Can be a bit frustrating watching fruit trees grow and develop (like teenages) but when they do they will produce beautiful fruit for many years.
    I noted that you love zucchini’s, so do i and what a collection of recipes i have gathered from different magazines etc. Yesturday i noticed my first zucchini for the season, about 5 cm long and my first recipe is planned, char-grilled with feta cheese and mint…..Yum

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh my, I don’t think I’m looking forward to the teenage years from all accounts. I am so looking forward to the fruit though, do you think it’s a little premature to start a collection of apple recipes.

      Yes, I do love zucchini’s, I must start going through my recipes. I’ve noticed two zucchinis coming on very nicely so I think I’ll be picking some soon. I have a great recipe for zucchini slice which I always pull out to use up that huge zucchini that was hidden when I picked others (or is it just me that does that).

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