Simple Monday – Compost in a pot

NOTE: For some reason this one didn’t appear on Monday, so my Simple Monday is a little late.

A little while ago I wrote a Simple Monday post about getting great tips, ones that are simple and make something in life just a little easier.  At the time I was referring to a tip on cooking pumpkins, this time it relates to compost.

A few weeks ago I read (somewhere on the internet, but I’ve forgotten where now) about creating compost in garden pots.  I was inspired!  You’d think given the amount of time I spend in the garden that I would have already established a compost heap.  Sadly this is not the case, and in fact I often buy compost from my local garden suppliers.  I did start putting garden clippings and waste (ie from when I pull things out) from the garden into a pile and covering it with a little dirt hoping that it will break down over time.  However, this is literally just a pile out in the open so I am reluctant to put kitchen scraps in there.  Firstly, it would be a prime target for a curious dog and secondly because I think it would attract rodents and/or possums.  The easy solution would be to buy a compost bin, but as yet that hasn’t happened and I’ve very quickly running out of space in the garden for a bin.  I do have a spot in mind to put it and a potting shed (more on that later), but it needs clearing out and leveling before that will happen.

So this is where the great tip comes in.  The site I was reading suggested for those people without space for a compost bin, to instead put their vegetable scraps into pots and cover with a little old dirt – I have lots of ‘old dirt’ from the many, many pots I have that no longer have living specimens (a lot of these I also adopted from my sister when she recently moved).  Once the pot is three quarters full you top the rest with potting mix and then plant something in the pot.  When the plant has lived out its life (obviously annuals are better for this) the compost under it will have rotted down and is ready to use on the garden.  Brilliant!


Add vegetable scraps

Cover with dirt

So far I am up to pot number three.  The first two became home to two more tomato plants, but the third I think I will plant salad greens in.  After that I’m thinking flowers, or maybe one last eggplant (can you have too many eggplants?).

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6 Responses to Simple Monday – Compost in a pot

  1. Suzanne says:

    yes you can have too many eggplants….lol

  2. Mrs Bok says:

    OH WOW brilliant idea! It doesn’t rot the roots of the plant or anything like that? Great tip, I have to try it out! If it’s worked for you I’ll definitely try it too.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Mrs Bok, the verdict of rotting roots is still out, my two tomatoes have only been in for a few weeks, but so far so good. I’ll let you know how they go long term, though I think you need to get the scraps/dirt ration right, not too many scraps. I figured with 12 tomato plants in the main garden if these two don’t go well it’s no big deal.

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