Solo Gardening

Earlier this week I found myself with some elusive alone time in the garden.  Miss Two was having a day with Granny and Baby Good was having a peaceful, long morning sleep which left me with over two hours of time to myself to potter around.  Usually I garden with one eye on Miss Two and the dog, constantly being interrupted with requests to push the swing, play on the pretend merry-go-round, push whatever wheel-related toy we have borrowed from the toy library or visit the worms.  Between these requests I try to get the weeding, watering, staking, fertilising, planting, repotting or creating barriers from the bugs and pests, often with the ‘help’ of Miss Two until she loses interest.  I love this time in the garden with her and am looking forward to the time when Baby Good can join us too, but it pretty slow going and I never quite get what I want finished.

So what did I get up to with my two hours of peace:
Re-sowed the sunflowers and laid snail bait
Re-sowed the basil and marigolds around the tomatoes and laid snail bait
Sowed a second planting of pak choy and laid snail bait
Planted the three cucumber seedlings I bought having given up on my failed attempt at growing these from seed and laid snail bait
Sprayed the zucchini for white fly
Pulled out the diseased and dying peas (will try again, but it might be too hot to plant them now)
Started up some new lettuce and peas in toilet rolls and put under protection until bigger
Planted a punnet of zinnias for some colour
Repotted the mint – FINALLY, poor thing was so root bound, I had to break the terracotta pot to get it out
And finally watered the whole lot

Sadly the weeding will have to keep until later in the week.  I did come inside hot and exhausted, but wonderfully satisfied that I had been able to tackle some of the jobs I had been itching to do for a while.  My only disappointment is that I seem to have become reliant on snail bait (though I don’t use it in the beds Miss Two or the dog frequent) as it’s the only thing that has protected my seedlings from the night time raiders.

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4 Responses to Solo Gardening

  1. Wow – you did get a lot done! I hope you treated yourself to a cuppa or a cold drink after all that work.

  2. Phoebe says:

    Wow, that’s a huge effort.
    I too use snail bait. I am so sick of the snails this year that no matter how many beer traps I set they were just never enough!
    Here’s to a snail-less start to the season!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh Phoebe I’m glad I’m not the only one. I spent ages googling organic ways to control snails and they all failed (beer traps, eggshells, this weird orange and potato peel thing) and I lost so many seedlings. I’m kicking myself now cos I’m going to have to wait so much longer to harvest somethings now.

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