Beetroot – My Kind of Vegetable

Once I figured out that beetroot don’t like to be transplanted from seed trays, but rather do better when you plant the seeds direct, my beetroots have fulfilled all my criteria of the perfect vegetable.  That is they require very little attention, other than a bit of water and some liquid fertiliser when I’m doing the rest of the garden and yet the still do well.  My only disappointment is that I didn’t plant out the whole bed with beetroots over a few weeks.  Instead I have been persevering with carrots, but after planting goodness knows how many seeds I still only have four or five surviving plants.

In fact, I was so negligent of the poor beetroots that I didn’t even realise they were ready to start pulling out of the ground.  The only reason I noticed this was that I decided to take the net off the bed that was keeping the birds out.  I looked down and saw what I thought looked like quite large bulbs on several of the plants so I pulled one up and was very pleasantly surprised with what I found.  In the end I harvested half a dozen of the roughly twenty that were there and then promptly planted more seeds.  The carrots will have to wait til another time.

They weren’t as large as some you buy at the green grocer, but they were the perfect size for me.  I turned these ones into a lovely salad (recipe from here) to go with the marinated chicken wings Mr Good cooked on the BBQ.  And you’ll be please to know that even he, the self-confessed beetroot hater, gave it the thumbs up.  He’d only ever had the tinned stuff, no wonder he wasn’t a fan.

So now that Mr Good has agreed to at least eat beetroot if I serve it up to him, I must get on and try some of Liz’s wonderful beetroot recipes and wow him with this wonder of a vegetable.

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7 Responses to Beetroot – My Kind of Vegetable

  1. Suzanne says:

    I try to have beetroot growing all year round…

  2. Andrea says:

    Any vegetable that needs little attention whilst growing (and is edible and hubby will eat) has got to be good! maybe the carrot seeds have passed their use by date?

    • Barbara Good says:

      Andrea, I think I just need to focus a bit more on the carrots, I’ve been trying to do everything all at once and have let them dry out too much I think.

      I have a plan for them when I tackle them next time. I’ll try to do it when there’s a lull in activity.

  3. Jo from the green backyard says:

    After reading this post last night, I went and planted some more beetroot seeds LOL!! I

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