A Big Adventure for a Little Bear

With the first of the hot days starting I decided it was best to get out of the house early to tackle the errands that needed running.  Unfortunately the girls were both up so early that by the time the shops actually opened Baby Good was back in bed.  So instead we headed out at about 11am just when the day was really starting to get warm and the car was just plain HOT.  Miss Two had decided that Flat Ted felt like a trip in the car as well, so the four of us headed off.  On the list was the post office, the bakery, the news agent and the craft supply shop.

The trip did not get off to a great start, having to drive around and around looking for a carpark.  I eventually found one and unloaded the girls and the pram, suggesting that Flat Ted should stay and look after the car.  Miss Two was having none of this, so I relented and told her to put Ted under the pram.  First stop was the Post Office and considering I joined the line out the door I was surprised at how quickly we got to the front.  However there were many, many tempting items within Miss Two’s reach as we waited so it was a little nerve racking (when did the post office go from being all mail related to a shop selling ridiculous amounts of merchandising rubbish!) .  Once we had picked up the parcel we were there to collect and were heading out the door, I realised Flat Ted had been discarded in Miss Two’s excitement over a bright pink Dora bag (she has no idea who Dora is, but even so the bag was just too tempting).  In the over-crowded shop it was a little tricky to get the pram back through all the people get retrieve Ted, but we managed it and headed on our way.

The next few stops were uneventful, other than accidentally ramming an elderly women with my pram, I apologised profusely but she really gave me the death stare.  It was also a challenge keeping Miss Two in tow with all those pretty shiny things around – GLITTER!  The last stop was our fabulous local bakery/cake shop for a treat to take home with us.  Once we had ticked off everything from the list and we were all a bit hot and tired we headed for the car.  With everyone loaded and buckled it and the air con pumping we headed out of the carpark and on our way home.  I could hear Miss Two fidgeting and mumbling to herself in the back, but thought little of it.  Then the cries of “I want my teddy” started (Flat Ted is THE bear of choice for all occasions).  I knew it would be a terrible ride home without Ted, but figured she (the bear is a girl according to Miss Two) would be still sitting under the pram where I had put her.  I looked, but no luck.  I unloaded the pram again and pulled everything out, nothing, but I did decide there was far too much crap in the basket under the pram.  I figured Miss Two had taken Ted out at some stage, but was hoping to narrow down the search parameters.

Me: Did you take Ted out from under the Pram?
Miss Two: Yes.
Me: Where did you take her out?
Miss Two: I want Teddy!
Me: I know, but can you remember where you left her?
Miss Two: I WANT TEDDY!!
Me: Aaarrggghhh I know!

There was no option but to unload everyone and traipse back through all the stores we had visited.  We searched all the isles we had been down and half the ones we hadn’t.  We asked every staff member we saw, but nothing.  Finally in the last shop – the craft supply shop – with Miss Two in floods of tears and having already looked in the places we had been we came across another sales assistant coming out of the store room.  She made at attempt at trying to cheer Miss Two up only to have the cries increase in volume and intensity.  She looked mortified, so I tried to explain that we had lost teddy.  She looked at Miss Two and then pointed to a shelf in another area of the shop, where sitting at the top was Flat Ted.  Never have a seen a look of such utter relief on Miss Two’s face, and I’m pretty sure mine mirrored that look.  Contemplating a night without this very precious bear is not something neither of us ever want to do again.

And so, well after lunchtime and with all three of us hungry, hot and bothered (even Baby Good was starting to protest a little) we finally made our way home.  There’s now a new rule in this family – Flat Teddy stays in the house or the car, and is never to be taken to the shops!


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4 Responses to A Big Adventure for a Little Bear

  1. bruisemouse says:

    Oh, I remember days like this. I even remember going without milk (read cups of tea) one day as it was just too hard to coordinate everything.
    Maybe something like this
    or this
    could be useful.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Bruisemouse, I love these little doll/teddy carriers. Think I’ll have to see what I can fashion for her with what I have lying around.

      Oh and I started getting milk and bread delivered (as well as a few other staples) just to avoid the awful mad dash with two kids just to get one thing from the shops. Somedays getting out of the house seems just too difficult, other days I go mad if I don’t get the kids out.

  2. Andrea says:

    Oh goodness what a morning!! so glad you found ted.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Actually it was a lovely morning until the end, even with the huge line at the post office. My girls both love getting out and about and are generally pretty good (I even took Miss Two with me last Saturday while I finished off the Christmas shopping). Poor Miss Two just could not contemplate a life without flat ted, so there was wide spread relief when she was found – in fact I think the whole street was glad to have peace restored.

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