Simple Monday – A Home Made Christmas

There’s nothing like trawling the blog-o-sphere at this time of year to really put my crafty skills to shame.  I have seen many varied and beautiful home made creations to adorn Christmas trees, tables or front doors.  Sadly nothing I will be showing off today comes close to the cleverness of most of these, but they have sparked a little inspiration in the Good house.

Firstly, our tree (though somewhat tacky in its artificialness) is always adorned with a few hand made creations.  At this point in time I am the sole creator, however I foresee wonderful and quirky toddle-made ornaments on next year’s tree.


Then we spread some Christmas (well these work for any celebration actually) cheer around the rest of the family room with these colourful paper chains made by Miss Two and myself.  I thought this would be the perfect craft for her as she likes nothing better than a bit of snipping and pasting, however I failed to take into account her tendency for cutting in rather random ways.  Trying to restrain her to straight lines was beyond me.  In the end I did most of the snipping and she helped with the colour selection and stapling.

Miss Two and I had a go at this from Suzanne at Enchanted Moments which looked straight forward enough for us.  I had thought Miss Two would be able to wind the ribbon and wool around, but that proved a little tricky. Instead she coloured in the tree with crayon first, then I wound the ribbon and wool with her assistance and finally she decorated it with sticky stars.

And our final, and ongoing, task is a bit of home made wrapping paper.  It has been my philosophy in recent years to forgo wrapping paper for something a little more eco friendly.  Some years I use festive tea towels and ribbon instead of paper, other times I recycle gift bags.  However, since having children and seeing the joy they find in ripping, scrunching and folding colourful wrapping paper I have returned to using it.  This year it’s all home made (or it will be once we finished) so not only will it be fun on the big day, but we’re having a ball stenciling and painting in the weeks leading up to it.

Stay tuned for some more Christmas related posts this week – I feel some kitchen action coming soon.

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6 Responses to Simple Monday – A Home Made Christmas

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yay!!! absolutely gorgeous……the ribbon idea is beautiful…well done with the lovely sticking of stars Miss two…x

  2. Jo from the green backyard says:

    Your homemade decorations are very sweet, I love doing craft with my tribe also. I’m going to try and make some potato stamps to use for wrapping paper.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Jo I was thinking about potato stampers, but I wasn’t sure about the process. Do you have to dry the potatoes a bit before you use them. I’d love to hear how yours go.

      I had some Christmas stencils I had Miss Two using, but she really wanted to go free-form yesterday so I let her and I must say it was so much easier for me and more fun for her so I think we’ll have quite a bit of ‘abstract’ wrapping paper.

  3. Your hand stitched ornaments are beautiful!
    For the potatoe stampers, I’ve always cut the potatoes, carved out the shape just dried them quickly with paper towel. A little bit of potato juice doesn’t seem to hurt the paint.

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