Funny Things Two Year Olds Say

So I’ve decided to start a new series of posts, though these will not appear on a particular day, but rather when Miss Two (and Baby Good in time I guess) produces a gem worthy of sharing.  As these are also pretty self-indulgent (who are we kidding the whole blog is self-indulgent by its very nature!) I’ll make sure I keep the short and sweet.

On to the funny things two year olds say:

1. “Look Mum, Puddleduck is wearing a hoodie too.”  Not exactly what Beatrix Potter had in mind I wouldn’t have thought.

2. From the seat in the front of the supermarket trolley as we’re trying to wind our way through the busy isles, Miss Two turns to an elderly woman whose own trolley is blocking our way slightly and says “Excuse me, mate” in the most ocker voice you can imagine and imitating her father perfectly.  The elderly woman was left staring, open-mouthed, as we squeezed past and continued down the isle.  This scene was repeated a dozen time or more in the one shopping trip.

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