Simple Monday – A Christmas Family Treasure

Welcome to the week before Christmas!  All posts this week will be Christmas related, so if you’re already all-Christmassed out you might want to avoid my blog until after the big day.  For Simple Monday I’m introducing perhaps the first of my own childhood treasures to be passed on to my girls.

She is a beautiful Christmas angel who spins slowly and plays Silent Night when you wind her up.  I’ve always loved the colour red and I can’t remember a Christmas without my angel being positioned in pride of place.  Although her hair is somewhat worse for wear and the halo is a little wonky I still adore her.

This year she is spending the festive season on Miss Two’s bookshelf.  That is, when Miss Two isn’t carrying her around, winding her up and watching her spin slowly to the music.  My sister has a matching one in a gorgeous flowing purple dress which might be more to Miss Two’s taste, but for me it was always the red one that I was drawn to.  Perhaps Baby Good might be more of a red girl too.

With only six sleeps to go, it’s getting pretty exciting in this house.  I hope you’re also starting to enjoy the lead up to Christmas and have some time to reflect and enjoy it in between all the craziness.


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3 Responses to Simple Monday – A Christmas Family Treasure

  1. Jo from the green backyard says:

    That angel is very sweet, and how lovely to have a family heirloom.

  2. Beautiful! Miss two must be a very gentle girl – my lot would have her head ripped off already!

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