What a Good Christmas Looks Like

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you were all able to enjoy the day with friends, family and food.  Ours was a little melancholy with some very much loved family members no longer with us this year, but we tried to focus on all the things that make Christmas wonderful, especially as it was Baby Good’s very first! I thought I’d give you a bit of a look at Christmas in the Good house – well actually not in our house, but where we spent Christmas.  We did have the morning at home, just the four of us for Santa presents and a few little things from Mum and Dad, which was a lovely, quite start to the day, but I didn’t take any photos of that.

The Good family waiting for Christmas Dinner

A baked ham and a whole poached salmon for Christmas Lunch

A very happy Baby Good

There was a visit from the man in red.

Modelling the new op-shop find dress ups

Taking 'Goldie', the new hobby horse, for his first gallop

There were lots of other presents including a gorgeous Jack in the Box for Baby Good, and a wooden kitchen, gardening tools/watering can and farm set for Miss Two.  For me there was a theme to the gifts, two trees (one dwarf lemon/lime and one forest pansy for the front yard, both living at the in laws until we come back from holidays in February), a garden fork and small garden hand tools, and two vegie gardening books.  I also got several new cake and flan tins for my cooking addition, and a collection of op-shop find coloured glass vases – the start of a collection I think.

We arrived home at about 6pm to find this:

A white Christmas?

The corn looking a little worse for the hail storm
A very sad looking cucumber
My less-than-magnificent zucchini

all thanks to the rather ferocious storm that hit Melbourne in the afternoon on Christmas Day.  We spent the day with family in Heidelberg, not too far from our place, but they received nothing like the hail that swept through our suburb.  I walked around in the garden in shock and devastation when we got home.  I really couldn’t believe the damage done in such a short time.  I said to Mr Good later that perhaps I shouldn’t invest so much of myself in the garden, because I really don’t cope well when things like this happen.

Thankfully the next afternoon the sun came out and I pulled myself together and did a proper assessment of the damage.  I think most things will survive, a few individual corn cobs look too damaged to survive and the cucumber and pumpkin seem to be the worst affected so if they survive I will be quite surprised.  The tomatoes required quite a bit of pruning to remove the damaged stalks and needed to be restaked.  I’ve picked up all the debris, but so far I’ve left the damaged foliage on the eggplants, cucumbers and zucchinis, but perhaps I should be cutting these off too, what do you think?

Having watched the news and read Phoebe’s latest post I realise there were places with far more damage than us, so I really feel for them.  It sure made for a strange end to Christmas Day, but one that will stay in our memory for a long time.

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6 Responses to What a Good Christmas Looks Like

  1. I’ve been thinking of you this Christmas. It is our third without my beloved son, and over ten since my parents died. I always think of them at family festivals. It does get a little easier, but I still shed a few tears over my lovely boy who loved Christmas so very much. Anyway, you’ve done exceedingly well, and will continue to toast your dad as I continue to honour my loved ones. Have a wonderful 2012!
    Greenie x

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks Claire, actually it was Mr Good’s father not mine. He doesn’t really talk about how he’s feeling so I found it difficult to gauge how he was doing, but the girls made it a Merry Christmas. Sadly though we lost another relative very suddenly just a few days before Christmas, she was only in her early forties and had three young sons so it was very sad for the whole family. These things are never nice, but around Christmas it’s just a bit harder. I can’t imagine (and hopefully will never have to) the pain of losing a child.

      Hope your 2012 is wonderful too.

  2. Frogdancer says:

    You really had a bad hit of the storm! We got heavy rain but nothing else.
    Christmas really isn’t the same without young kids around…

    • Barbara Good says:

      Yes the storm was quite something around here. And you’re so right about kids and Christmas. Our two are the only ones on either side so everyone loves having us (or should I say them) for Christmas. I hosted the year Miss Two was born (WHAT WAS I THINKING??) so that both my family and Mr Good’s family could share in her first Christmas. This year we spent it with Mr Good’s family which was important for us all having lost his father just before Baby Good was born.

  3. Liz says:

    We were away for Christmas and got back yesterday, at first I didn’t think there was much damage at all but the more I look the more I see the holes in the leaves and bits of tomato plant hanging sadly etc. Having said that there isn’t anything that wont recover and I’m hoping your plants have bounced back already, or are at least looking like they will soon. If in doubt I would leave them and see what happens over the next week or so.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Lots of holes in the leaves around here too, and the tomatoes needed quite a bit of attention. The young cucumbers were almost stripped bare so they will have a time ahead of them to get going again. The zucchini leaves too look pretty badly damaged, but I’ll take your advice and leave them for a while and see what happens.

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