Funny things two year olds say

1. We’ve been hearing this a lot lately “Merry Kissmas” – we just can’t get her to say that r sound, but I thought this one was perfect.

2. Said as Miss Two was trying to tell me something while I was getting dinner ready, tidying up and watching Baby Good: “Mum, listen louder!”  She was right, I wasn’t really listening properly.

3. We’ve moved beyond the “excuse me mate” onto “Gidday mate” and “No worries mate” – it just doesn’t sound right coming from her mouth, but considering every time she says it she gets a laugh I don’t think she’ll be stopping any time soon.

And with that I’ll say “seeya mate”.

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2 Responses to Funny things two year olds say

  1. Suzanne says:

    Classic, I get ” listen to me with your eyes mummy……………….” so true……….

    and just lately it is , “oh mum, Im so drinky”……..which of course means Im thirsty………….

    fabulous….I only wish I had written all of these down in a book…
    The classic of all time was my son, …in our family we have a saying, that you have “scared the bejeebers” out of me…………..and my son said to me one day ” you scared the the baby Jesus out of me……………..”

    catch ya later mate…………….x

  2. Liz says:

    My 2 year old just came in saying; “where is the hand holding? where is the hand holding?” at the top of his voice naturally. He meant a string that was attached to a very annoying plastic talking dog he got for his birthday, that allowed it to be pulled along. The string had been ‘helpfully’ removed by his 5 year old sister. I do find 2 year olds very cute, ‘helpfull’ 5 year olds slightly less so…..

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