Simple Monday – It’s all about the bed

As the sleep fairies allude Baby Good and therefore me, I find myself starting to obsess about sleep, the uninterrupted blissful kind that probably only exists in my imagination anyway.  So this Simple Monday post is all about the bed, the one I reluctantly force myself out of several times a night.  It’s also a three pronged simple pleasure(s).

1. Being organised enough to take advantage of the recent hot and windy weather to get my sheets washed, dried and back on the bed in a single day.

2.  Getting into bed with clean, fresh sheets still smelling of the sun.

3.  Not emerging from said bed until the following morning (something easily taken for granted and one I’m hoping to take for granted again in the near future).

Okay, that’s it.  And I promise I will keep my sleep obsession to myself from now on.

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3 Responses to Simple Monday – It’s all about the bed

  1. Suzanne says:

    Due to having two other older children sleeping…when little m was around 10 months I put her into our bed one night after her feed…and then she stayed there…………each of my other children had either ended up in our bed in the morning hours, or late hours and been returned to their bed, but with little m we co slept ( I think that is the term) till she was almost three….it dosnt work for everybody, and we never set out with ideas to do this…it just worked…she has slept beautifully, a peaceful sleep for almost every night of her life….I put it down to the fact she feels safe, and close to us…I have a remarkable bond with her, being breastfed for so long and the close sleeping….not all children are the same, their needs are different…and of course they grow out of it….a child that dosnt sleep as a toddler will not always be in your bed till they are 10…sometimes they might just need a bit of extra closeness for a certain stage of their development. They arent little for long….I love to fall asleep next to my children…and it wasnt little m that missed sleeping with us so much…it was me that missed her………………I do hope that you get something worked out so that you can all get some sleep and function normally, sleep deprivation is just not funny……

  2. Barbara Good says:

    Thanks for the kind words Suzanne, I love the sound of your relationship with Little M. I have tried the co-sleeping in desperation, unfortunately I’m a terrible sleeper at the best of times and adding that extra body to the bed just means I don’t sleep at all. I tried it also with Miss Two when she was a baby and a notoriously bad sleeper until 12 months with the same results. Mr Good however could sleep through anything so once she weaned at night he often slept with her on the bad nights (that was in the days when we had a spare room though) and they have an amazing bond. I’ve always loved the idea of falling asleep cuddle my kids, the reality just doesn’t often work for me.

  3. bruisemouse says:

    Thinking of you and hope you manage to get some sleep.

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