Another attempt at toddler dining

My snack crack down as written about last week has been working well so far.  Meals are mostly being eaten – I even had an empty plate and request for more, now there’s a first – and Miss Two’s diet now consists of more than sultanas.  There has been one or two days I consider fails, most noticeably when Mr Good is in charge, he’s such a softy he’d give her just about anything.

While my first trial of a specifically toddler-friendly meal went down reasonably well, I have quite a list of new recipes to try.  The second of these was a tuna quesadillas.  I think Mexican food (or an Aussie version of it at least) has a lot to offer littlies.  It’s easy for them to help make or put together, it’s perfect for eating with your hands and it involves cheese, what more could a two year old want.  However, when I read this recipe it didn’t fill me with excitement, there are a lot of tins involved.  Tinned tuna, tinned corn and tinned beans.  It did also include red capsicum, coriander and spring onions.  The absolute best thing about this particular dish was the speed with which it could be prepared.  Miss Two and I mixed up the filling in the afternoon and then we cooked them up in the evening.  This would be the perfect dish for when I’m back working and need to get dinner on the table at great speed when we get home.  The recipe suggested cooking them in a frying pan and flipping the quesadilla to cook the other side.  The idea of flipping anything that delicate leaves me feeling very nervous, so instead I cooked them in the sandwich press.  This worked a treat and halved the cooking time.

And so to the verdict, again Miss Two did eat some of it, though not with much more enthusiasm than usual.  She actually seemed to have an issue with the fact that I expected her to eat it with her hands, this from a child who flatly refuses to use cutlery for every other meal.  Baby Good on the other hand wolfed them down and made a HUGE mess.  Mr Good and I agreed that these were fairly tasty for adults especially with a little chilli added, but could have used a little more cheese.  And due almost entirely to the fact that it was so quick and I could keep almost all the ingredients in the pantry to have on hand, I think this one will appear on the rotation on a semi-regular basis at least.

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4 Responses to Another attempt at toddler dining

  1. Liz says:

    Ever since your last post my two have both stopped eating dinner (very annoyingly) so I too will be joining you in the no snack regime….I might give these a try as well – I reckon they would be great with fresh corn cooked on the barbeque.

  2. Barbara Good says:

    Oh no, I hope it’s not catching! There is nothing so disheartening than working away in the kitchen for create something nice only to have to feed it to the dog at the end of the day.

    I agree the fresh corn would be great in these, I intend to try it once mine ripen. I must say I have become something of a quesadilla covert – anything can go between those two tortillas, add a bit of cheese and throw it in the sandwich press. Makes for a nice change to ordinary sandwiches.

  3. Thanks for this. Your post inspired me to cook on Friday night when I really only had enough energy for takeaway. Instead we had vegetarian tacos and the kids actually got some vitamins.

  4. Barbara Good says:

    Glad I could be of use L, I’ve surely got enough inspiration from your posts over the months. I must say I’ve become a little bit quesadilla crazy since making these. Anything that can go between two tortillas has been.

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