Simple Monday – The Joy of Listening

This post came to me yesterday morning when I was having a little lie in.  I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get a bit of extra reading in, but I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the book for quite a while.  Why?  Because I was listening, listening to Mr Good and our two girls enjoying a Sunday morning together.

I could hear Miss Two begin on her endless stream of questions – “What’s that? What’s she saying? Is it my birthday? When are we going to the beach? and on and on.  It’s exhausting when they’re directed at you, but when you’re just listening in there are so many things that make me smile to myself.  Mr Good was the very definition of patience and answered each and every question.  If you don’t do this she hits repeat and literally repeats the question until it is answered (perhaps interrupting the stream with the request to “Listen to me louder”).

I could hear Mr Good quietly talking to Baby Good as he got her up and changed before he brought her in to me for the first feed of the day.  They were playing an enthralling game of peek-a-boo, a favourite and guaranteed laughter-inducing past time.  Her laughter warms my heart in an instant and just taking a minute to really listen to it soothes all sorts of stresses that I might be feeling.

But it’s not just these little family moments that I like to listen to.  I also eavesdrop on Miss Two’s imaginary games.  She is very much into imaginary play, often involving myself of Mr Good.  She loves to play doctor and fix us, or dressing up with a little wooden doll which came with magnetic clothes that just sit on the top.  But every now and then she is happy to play on her own, roping in her teddies and other soft toys to fulfill whatever roles are required.  Today was one such day and she played like this for several hours.  Every so often she would stop to come and ask me for various props – a boat (washing basket), oars (wooden spoons), steering wheel (saucepan lid), helicopter (blanket over a chair) and so on – but for the most part she was content to chat to herself and the toys leaving me to clean, cook and eavesdrop.  I love listening to the story unfolding.  She voices all the characters and gives a running commentary of events.  It’s one of those parenting moments that just makes me smile inside and out.  I hope she always has such a vivid imagination and finds the same level of contentment in her own company as she gets older.  Though I’m also waiting eagerly for her and Baby Good to play in this way together, just like I did with my brother and sister.

PS I’m starting to struggle for Simple Monday content, so they may soon come to an end.  But having written them for several months has really helped me take stock of all the amazing, simple pleasures in my days.

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One Response to Simple Monday – The Joy of Listening

  1. Liz says:

    A lie in? What’s that?….Actually I did have one the other day and it was lovely! Kids are lovely to listen to aren’t they? My two have just started really playing together – or rather Mr 2 has just started doing as Miss 5 asks him to… At the moment their current favourite game is schools (in preparation for Miss 5 starting Prep this year) and they are very funny to listen to. Miss 5 is always teacher and Mr 2 is a not always diligent pupil….it does quite often end in tears but keeps them busy for awhile at least.

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