And I thought I couldn’t grow beans

This was what I harvest by between Sunday and Wednesday this week.  It seems a position in full sun made all the difference in bean growing.  Now what do you do with 0.5-1kg of beans a week?  I’ve started freezing them in serving-sized snaplock bags for use when the season is over.  Did I mention Mr Good is a huge fan of beans?  It seems all my best crops are the ones he’s not so keen on, it’s a good thing he’s very tolerant and accepting of whatever I serve up or harvest.

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4 Responses to And I thought I couldn’t grow beans

  1. Liz says:

    They look great – what variety are they? My two favourite bean dishes are green beans with tomato & green bean poriyal. I might do a post on the poriyal recipe soon, but the other one is simply: boil the beans and drain them. Melt some butter in the pan, add a clove of crushed garlic and a couple of diced tomatoes and cook with the lid on until the tomato starts to collapse. Serve with lots of black pepper.

  2. Andrea says:

    Great harvest and with feezing them you will enjoy them when out of season. Do the little miss Good’s enjoy them too? I like to quickly boil them, then place in iced water to cool, drain and serve with whatever dressing you prefer. Hope your weekends a Good one!

  3. I don’t have a freezer. Living with stand alone solar power, I get very conscious of power usage, and freezers use more power than I can guarantee to afford. I try to grow things sequentially – peas and snow peas in late winter and spring, beans and zucchini in summer, leafies and crucifers in winter. As the next round of beans comes on, I let the older round go to seed – let the beans fully mature and the pods yellow.. Then I shell and store them. Blue Lake (yours look a bit like Blue Lake?) have seeds like cannelloni beans – make the best minestrone and baked beans. Growing legumes seems a bit excessive for home gardens, but it isn’t – imported dried beans are fumigated in nasty stuff, and dried beans that are old take forever to cook. Fresh home-grown beans are one of those vegetables that convert you!

  4. Such a pretty photo! I’d be either pickling them or freezing them if I had an excess, but up to a kilo a week isn’t an excess for me. I regularly eat steamed green beans for dinner on their own.

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