Tuesday’s Top 5 – Five best beach holiday essentials

This will be the last of my blog posts for a while as at 5am tomorrow morning we’re heading to the South Coast of NSW for ten days.  I’m not sure which of the Good family is more excited.  We are all in need of a break and change of scenery.  Having said that, not much really changes for me except the location.  I am reverting to disposable nappies for the holiday and I won’t have the garden to water (actually I’ll miss that bit) and the cabin we stay in is small so theoretically it should involve less housework.  And the big one of course is that Mr Good will be with us all day, so hopefully I might be able to find a few more quiet times during the day to stick my nose firmly in a book.  So with our trip in mind and having just spent the day cleaning, packing and organising I thought I would share my top five essentials for a beach holiday.  Let’s see if I agree with them on the return.

1.  Books (you can see where my priorities lie).  This year it’s just one book, the monster, A Suitable Boy.  I would normally take three or four, but given that this one is 1400 pages long, I think that will be enough.  I’ve already started it actually and am really enjoying what I’ve read so far.

2. Sun protection – here I’m including sunscreen, hats and those sun smart swimming tops as well as our newly acquired beach shelter thingy.  I seem to have become quite paranoid about sun protection lately.  I have tubes of sunscreen just about everywhere, under the pram, in the nappy bag, in the car and lots in the house.

3. Bathers (and floaties if required).  I just bought my first pair since before I was pregnant with Miss Two (who is now nearly three).  I was terrified of bathers shopping (is there anything more exposing, well actually I know there is, but it’s up there), thankfully breastfeeding works wonders for me so it was too traumatic at all.  And because I had left it so late in the Summer all the bathers were discounted, so they only cost me $35.  They will be put to good use on our return as well as I start swimming lessons with Baby Good.

4. For those who aren’t keen on swimming in the sea or are just in need of a break from the water, buckets and spades are a must.  Miss Two has been making plans for building ‘a huge sandcastle’ so lots of buckets were in order.

5. Explore Australia map book.  Even though we’ve been to this part of the country many times we always like to find somewhere new to check out, visit some of the little towns in the ares – especially if they have a market on – or explore a different National Park.  Our Explore Australia has been a trusty and well used addition to our travel accessories for any trip.  This is especially necessary if the weather is not so conducive to spending hours on the beach.

I’m hoping against hope that the weather forecasts are proven wrong, but either way it will be nice to get away,  though I’m not looking forward to the long drive.  With one child who gets carsick driving the twenty minutes to Granny’s and another who flatly refuses to sleep in the car it could be a trying experience.

(Not my photo, found here – all mine are on my laptop which has decided to die)

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3 Responses to Tuesday’s Top 5 – Five best beach holiday essentials

  1. Liz says:

    Really glad you’re enjoying A Suitable Boy. Phew – I find its always a tiny bit stressful recommending books to people…..I’ve been trying to think of rainy day things that we did in Pambula – the Caravan park had an indoor pool which was great and the kids club was undercover. Other than that? well no – we did spend an inordinate amount of time at Target in Merimbula whilst Miss 5 unsuccessfully tried on shoes (she is a shopaholic) but I would certainly not recommend that particular ordeal to anyone.

  2. theveryhungrybookworm says:

    That sounds wonderful! I don’t know when my next beach vacation is, but I will just have to live vicariously through you 🙂 Enjoy!

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